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Maple Grove PD Keeping MN Something (a saterical advert parodying but just bearly what might be)

 in my humble oppinion and observations Maple Grove PD helps keep Minnesota safe by enabling nurse practitioner Marlene Wuethrich to cull the weak at the children's hospitals and clinics neo natal intensive care unit in st paul.

as in a nicu they are all pretty weak have no fear if Marlene is on the case you can be assured your baby boy will be a fungi

Don't just take my word for it

are you going to heed the culling and chose st paul children's? 

sun roof cover in the car Marlene was driving into children's. spread the love like we spread the Stachybotrys chartarum. 

from our house to yours repeatedly. if the police wernt helping or if i mailed it to a senator ID think it would be bio terrorism. 

I know where to find some soil bacteria if not 

maybe a sd card of what officer Hanson insisted he didn't see and that audio clip with some roof scraping 

better out than in. 

the trim normaly covering drivers ide seat belt in the car Marlene was driving into children's. 

both drain tubes were plugged on sunroof

heed the culling. chose Marlene dorthy wuethrich cnp and children's hospitals and clinics st paul mn. 

I have no doubt they can un complicate even the most complicated delivery and sickest child. 

look what she does to her own 

9 months forced labor on her car. keeping even the full face respirator I owned from etching circiutboards in cupric chloride. actually from mixing the cupric (small chance of chlorine gas) I begged in empty apt transfer title I will sell it scrap it what ever this is unsafe 

"ha u think u could buy or sell a car?" - Paul 
"you're wasting your time there's no mold" - marburg hemoragic fever 

make children's and Marlene part of your care team today! 

if you have issue mgpd can care for you like they did me 
they are still helping ensure a report can't even be filed or is heavily censored while 20k cash assets and 23 credit at min are desteoyed by the mold Marlene used to make her mark at children's st paul. meanwhile I sit with one of my pstd therapy companion animals in the freezer and they have the other. they pretended to lose her ashes to expedite forced labor on Paul and Marlenes mold car 

Marlene knows recovering from a great loss needs starvation and lack of purpose due to constant theft assult and gaslighting 

I'm sure a neonatal patient will miss some of the intricacies of her head job but rest assured she will make your baby boy a fungi. her specialty is medicine practiced under gas lamp. 

trust me it's not flickering and even if you record otherwise 
"so what"? 
"FUCK YOUR Recording" 

what ever you do don't tell her fuck you. or maybe it's just she wants her son to be her emotional outlet for her sex life venting 

I don't know what I would do with out mapke groves officer Hanson to tell me "I didn't see thst put the phone away" 

upon seeing the headliner image from mold car. I'd think kids in MN would be a lot less safe with out maple Grove pd to expedite the culling of those Marlene forces her care on. 

as a child I didn't have chickenpox. this is relevant because I couldn't visit my mom in the nicu at children's st paul. something about the patients being imuno compromised? I'm sure fungus probably helps fix that. 
why settle for just black mold when Marlene can deliver the aspergilis as well? it's a 2 for one deal for a limited time only. she assure me if what I was blowing out (bloody kleenex) was mold I'd be dead by now. trust me I should be 

if you think this is a good path to send your family down. move to maple Grove after choosing children's hospitals and clinics  st paul. Marlene dorthy wuethrich cnp is there to make you bundle of joy a fungi. 

use Paul's temporary discount code, tell em unionyesmassa for an additional 10% off the bris.  (discount may or may not be in usd) 

he claims to own me. 

rest assured none of the noseeemems have been identified. that's on you if you bring them home from the nicu

Maple Grove pd, Marlene and Paul wuethrich and children's hospitals and clinics st pauln

keeping MN something... 
that ain't it cheif 
wouldn't u feel safer not knowing about it? maybe that was the goal? 

Paul was on rx topical anti fungle and rx steroidal eye drops while asking why I'm the only one suffering.

how did that derm fucking graduate? anti fungle and steroids? in the little reading I've done that's like one hand with a gas can the other hand a garden hose

I wish I could get back to cooking my normal diet

but aparently if you tell mpgd a lie like your kid never left and never worked. you truly can own them and then repeatedly steal to keep them dealing with the bio terror he alerted you to. 

Marlene even admits conditions she forces arnt safe. 

between Paul sabotaging the car 30 days before I had to move out of empty apt cell pree covid 

all the sudden 6 days into stranded in st cloud in March.. Friday 13th sherif is at the door ofp hearing in Tuesday mpls. 

they might as well be able to chain you down while claiming they feel threatened. I continue to have my life put at risk in every way and trying to get confessions of fellony level theft added to report April after ofp I instead get offered a emergency medical hold by scpd

all Heil the 4th ritch 

It's not much of a leap to conclude suspect liability for misconduct police in Minnesota will literally kill you


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