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Saturday, December 26, 2020

maple Grove police bio terror

oxford nutrition and infection

meanwhile mgpd won't allow fellony level theft confessions and I have none of the kitchen stuff I acquired over about 10 years to make a meal.

folding Table I have from Walmart growing their mold

paul and Marlene steal to make sure I Dont have a working vacuum cleaner or air filter. I have two had 3. with the 3rd I could vacum the filters of the first two.

one is a hundred dollar filter. I shouldn't be dealing with this at all.

with the theft of the 3rd was the battery for my drill.

they try to ensure I can do nothing but suffer at risk and police intensify it

I don't have a Glass in the cupboard even while they steal to make me refractor in circles.

I earned 2000 usd from a st cloud biz in 2019 all spent on their car

they try to keep me frome even having a flat space to sit at let alone any of the otgizational furniture I worked to pay for or anything I worked to pay for

here's the bed I have. 

it wasn't rocket sci to realize that apt they picked above a garage while ordered to clean a car that for 9 years took their mold spores from the mold issue at their house would get problematic if the budget for doing it right wasn't there. 

they made sure snow blew through the vents right before the lease started. I'd later find both sunroof drain tubes had been long plugged. which made sense that car was a minor irritant on long drives before the snow/water event and massive after. 

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