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Sunday, December 27, 2020

maple Grove police help parents rob assult and poision

 key concepts here are

 the police acting as a gateway to the court with modern standards of justistice is against what we are taught is justice.

police acting with personal or departmental discrimination based on age and family relation and seemingly only in one direction is against the mn human rights act and against maple Grove polices mission statement.

if some citizens can violate seemingly any law repeatedly against another while police won't even allow or censor reports and also take actions against one party its hard to sat that with the discrimination above its not equating to a second class citizen 

with no clear explicit definition of when it ends or what needs to be reached one can not know ahead of time or during how to escape it

when you add the reality that parent vs adult offspring there will likely always be an income disparity. worse is if laws like promise with no intent to fulfill arnt considered like in my case an agreement that leaves my credit maxed and credibility over extended, I didn't make myself totally dependent Paul and I made an agreement. 

no where in MN law does it say police can put you on the street on here say allow all of your property destroyed and threatened to coerce labor and signing of contracts. 

but back to general if no law is enforced and parents are accessing banking and signing adult offspring name wirh out court granted costodialship its hard to say the adult offspring has any recourse / could be emptied out 

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