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Mario Brothers and MN Justice

 it's assumed here that Mario already passed the level where one or two police officers throw knees from a block platform

we as a species have known for a long while now what a conflict of intrest is. letting police Handel complaints against police is bad enough on its own. 

the ability to make that criminal is far worse. 

the mn aclu states people have been killed while doing their best to keep an officer at ease and or de escalate a given situation. which should not be a duty of the private citizen. to begin with.

the related reality is complaints are set up to be officer not department level and when liability may be a department level thing but officers can outright kill with little fear of reprocussion let alone anything that may endanger while making it low odds of reaching a civil court... 

we are headed twoards dark dark days.

similar orgs have also noted that legislation like mns civil ofp suits is the epitome of ineffective at anything accept stripping rights. I'll try to link it but in general 911 calls don't produce responce times likely to prevent someone intent on doing harm from doing just that.

if you end up putting an accused ofp violater in jail you might end up dropping violent crime. but only because nothing was done with in modern standards to check they wernt the victim or penalize the accuser from going near the accused. 

or put bluntly, most abusers don't have the reach to have people knocked off in prison. 
aka any decrease is likely from prision was safer or not added to the statistics than the now empowered abuser and the accused being free

the advise is stats show 911 can not get there quick enough, buy a gun. mn ofp law does nothing to address police responce times.. unless you are on the side of the accused. then you might find responce comes with a threat to reports arnt allowed. ie the accuser commits a crime the police won't allow it on record. but in general the state purpose of protecting the abused.. it doesn't increase responce if a call is made by accuser about violation. 

it apears to be about playing to the image of protection and or power. but it's very similar to the courts that burned witches. ie burden is on accused and anyone can accuse. what was civil can easily become a criminal trial and what they hope we don't see is standards of evidence died

ie there's no reconsideration for was the purpose or threat valid. it's a trial of did you violate the civil order. the civil order that if you are like me had 4 days notice and passes in your absence.

I wonder if they check how many accusers have orders on other parties. I have no criminal record or indication of violent past. my parents 2 on one claim they fear iment domestic violence. when I was 18 I might have been able to say I had the strength where had I been that messed up it would have been no contest physicaly but as they claimed this I had gone hungry 30 days over the year before. malnourished for like 3 years. they were and still are using their mold to poision me and have done literlay everything on the list of who should apply for an ofp including my mom threatening to push me down the staircase then short period later trying to push me over railing of said staircase.

they passed in my absence and 2 days later parents drove 45min to sit in parking lot of empty tourcher cell apt and call in a welfare check. blowing my phone up with repeated rings from my mom's number. since leaving for North Dakota in 2006 I got more calls from her number in that day than I have the entire time 2k6 to 2019. I know this because when I left she told me to pick a set day and call her weekly or she would never call me. my dad would call then hand her the phone on my birthdays as an override. something like 3 direct  calls in violation if her words over thst period isn't hard to track

over the next two weeks there were 7 days I spotted them circling the apt building or in the lot and one more attempt at a welfare check. I'm thankful that officer caught on. I understand why he still came to my door but he didn't make me open it. I had been taking a nap because I'm under the belife that even answering the call. mm things they refused to aprorptiately comunicate anything and had used lies to put me in and keep me in this empty apt forcing labor under theat to even the remains of one of my animals and 43k or so of things worked for then instead of stopping the destruction they file ofps

but the point is this should be behavior clearly against the stated purpose. you seek this because you fear imment domestic violence then 2 days after court date you are driving 45min and for 7 more spotted days once I didn't see Paul but imedieatly after walking out the apt building door I get a text asking if I'm going to get lunch. 

ie stalking behavior. my mom does it too. I've posted a few pictures of what this hell hole is on the inside. that doesn't rule out the possibility they enter it. I've had 3 people here since being forced in. one set of two one as one keys went missing after the two. one if the two admits my parents contacted him to enlist him for sabotage. 

the possibility exists they have the keys to enter the possibility exists what she has said is using photos ive posted but she will throw things into covo like u don't need your silverware you have plastic forks. she hasn't been in this unit that I know of since the lease started

there was a night I was out driving around and tied to connect to the VPN server that sits on the floor and also records cctv among other tasks. couldn't connect and came back to find it off. it's set to restore last state in event of power loss. aka lights go out it turns back on when they do. 

point is just saying things like that is pretty clearly an attempt to debase or un hinge

The purpose or need for something like ofp might be valid but in execution Minnesota has either forgotten what ethics are or never intended them for their stated purpose.

with out accounting for long known fact people sometimes lie.. we've made a system where first to run to the recess Para and say they feel threatened basically has the pair of come with and help beat the shit out of what probably a younger student because the older is more likely to know this system exists. only it's best to death with the baton while everyone screams abuser instead of burned at the stake while hearing witch

meanwhile not only should it be obvious that one person may feel something with out legitiment cause or reason

but mn did the study to diet and the body and mind.. which study? 
more modern studies not nesicarly directly related show that you can teach old dogs new tricks but it's related to diet and exercise. ie factors of neuro plasticity. 

start creating change after change and limiting someone's diet you start to prevent the conditions required to learn or adjust habits. ie I've never needed gov food stamps. I have been told byvcompulery edu thst conditions of try to kill someone then have police help take all things and force labor shouldn't be a reality on top of it. snap is only so useful with out kitchen utensils /my cookwear or any really but on top of this those holding it kept making false promises then avoiding the fulfillment on if and when  i get it back. while labor is force under various threats and that labor has a budget not suffice to eat and have supplies to do it is screwy to begin with but then I also had death of Clyde rabbit and the purpotrators then increasingly police playing this game of alternating between I'm unable to care for my self and or violent and agressive

what was happening is Marlene and Paul would insist they wernt keeping any thin ng from me come get it. show up no one answers phone and 10 to 15 later police arrive.

 eventually Id not even set wheel off public pavement or foot out if car and still 10 to 15min. hello maple Grove pd. I'm guessing they were as annoyed with this as I was. 

what's disgusting is between services stolen and personal property(covered under mn criminal theft law) about a year of an officers sallery is still being destroyed. which of course to re buy assuming one made around 60k is not one year but dependent on disposable income)

in 2019 maple Grove pd arrested a woman for stealing a bottle of wine is a pretty stark comparison or illumination of bias. 

while police were increasingly resorting to npd tactics no one wanted my side.

but it should be noted that if all the sudden ability for self care is a civil court matter it's not in reality compatible with being able to ignore human trafficing like forced relocation to empty apt and labor under various threats for 9mo. 

if court can like the police selectively ignore anything and everything (exparte?) basicly anyone is going away as a criminal or to a mental ward cause they say so 

but as far as ofp and feeling threatened or saying violent things I like to joke it puts the lotion on its skin and gets the court again. The reality is Minnesota starvation experiment noted effects on the mind we're so severe that it might not be ethical superthrive any psychiatric medication unless dietary deficiencies are addressed

Emotional inhibition is likely to certainly of cognitive function or  the mind. In other words if you're allowing someone to be around full up exhausted and malnourished saying something threatening should still be praised instead of acting on it. Especially when the two parties in full control and a position of power reinforced by police and their willingness to reject even putting on record evidence they might leave taking false reports and used as a weapon these two parties Duff disposable time and income all of their things and cook home cooked meals everyday. Lights for the most part I used to when living at an apartment what they use theft and other illegal means you put me in this state the science shows the state make someone very likely to be emotionally livid and volatile what the state that did that groundbreaking research want to lock other people up or strip their rights without consideration of the research it did or the realities that the police have no obligation to protect and things like enforcement bias make it very possible to create the situation. Or another words you have no rights you just have the illusion of them unless your superhuman 100% perfect and nothing is your fucking Kryptonite. Even then there's little-to-no check if the person accusing you is lying so you really lost your rights if someone wants you to either way it doesn't take action on your part

Furthermore Minnesota oil Pilla has no statute of limitation. I'm not sure that's the proper term but what I mean to the Fine is there's no time limit on when you can apply and if you read the criteria without strict checking for perjury which doesn't seem to happen pretty much anyone can apply on anyone justice has become who makes it to civil court first
That is if you're not chained up by the Accuser or please don't see fit to make sure you don't

I'm sure the saves a lot of money on actually investigation. It also makes the pretty neat ways to put away people without standards of due process Justice evidence anything we're led to believe is modern legal system. It's the basis for a police state. It's the basis for a state of tyranny

And interconnected issues are you can't even fire police officer in Minnesota reliably. Step show there's a 50% chance Union arbitration gets their job back. That means pretty much do whatever you want there's no or little perceived threat of substantial negative consequence because even if you get to the point they would terminate you 50% chance you get it back. 1 Minneapolis officer had 18 excessive force complaints in 9 years. You were terminated if I recall correctly on the 19th but Union arbitration got it back with the stated reason long good work history. I'm generally pro-labor. I think Andy stern was ahead of the curve on recognizing what we're seeing happened right now.

I did the math about 3 years ago and at that time automation could wipe out 30 to 40% of American jobs overnight. I don't or rather can't say it's related I can't know that for sure but what percentage of people are set to leave their homes at the moment? Regardless of its probative related or not or being used as a cover that threats is still there and will be after if there is an after.

But back on track I don't think we ever anticipated a police force having a labor union. I think in a lot of ways it breaks the system because you can unequivocally crew through psychological and sociology studies that perception of negative consequence impact the percentage of people who will take on an ethical actions. You remove actual or the perception of negative consequence youseemore abuse. No I'm just saying there are penalties for being written up or whatever they call it reprimand I know a bit about systems I don't know much about the police. Sadly a lot of info is hard to find. Public servants reserve on esoteric criteria and or are not bound to their mission statements doesn't seem very compatible with a free Society either. Absence of modern psychology and social Babel you can go back to the Constitution or the framers thereof and checks and balances are destroyed. Appeals are destroyed separations of power might only exist we're planning it benefits the government. And there's some evidence States policy might be alluding to protecting women when in reality the arrest of men might create Federal funding the state can do whatever it wants its the state. Without it being open about that I don't have informed consent there's plenty of. But I could have left and never came back if I had.

I think humans have come up with to absolutely brilliant bits of logic and reason. The first is causality and the scientific method you can't really have one without the other. II is the psychology concept UPS informed consent. Edward Bernays isn't really compatible with that either. I believe this term was engineered consent? I've also seen it as manufactured consent. Whether you put a name to it or not it's not hard to figure out propaganda manipulation. That's it Sports bowling um combined it with gaslighting pancreas situations where people really can't leave

most nations including the us regard it as a pretty big deal to physicaly take documents needed for employment or travel. I'm not sure if civil court requires an id on entry. you could count the number of times I've been to court on one hand with fingers left over. yes that's plural intentionaly.  but if it does not only did Marlene and Paul likely sabotage ability to get to the court, they had stolen my driver's liscense. they have my now expired passport as well.

my mom is even recorded stating if I need it for employment I should stand on the street corner begging until I can aford to replace it. 

is mn suggesting that once you are here anytime someone wants to take everything including id you should be prepared to work your way up from the street corner again?

if police have no restriction on repedative non enforcement on per party basis.. 

if civil court will pass these orders with no regards to just about anything, in your absence and and short notice.. 

this isn't a 1st world state. it's got colonial witch hunt and near slave creating enforcers and government. 

in the image above Luigi probably gets labeled an abuser to justify it. what's funny is anyone my age read the Scarlet letter. wosh.. or maybe people thought it was a warning about obaying when society arbitrarily.. everything was feel based. wrote an essay about how u feel and why. you can feel the tectonic plates are plotting against you, if you feel it... it's a real feeling, it's not very likely they are capable of that though. probability less than 1 percent. u can feel freedom is you are surpeem dictator but for everyone else freedom just disappeared if that were made true. also you just got really busy considering 7.5 billion people now need you to sign off on each thought. which reflected on itself should objectively make it questionable how free you would be if otherwise bound to human limits. 

logic is a basis for laws not feels. esp those with criminal consiqense. logicless law leads to stars of David and Scarlet letters. 

rummor has it shire Corp wants to start a summer camp for adults and children with A. D. D. in MN. 

I feel that's a needed economy boost and all good right? do mind the showers though. I
don't mind that every day every department with the square boxes on the squads is contributing to a database of where u might be via where your car is seen. even driving down the freeway and its all automatic. ie those boxes are aprs. automatic plate readers and the computer controlling them in squad is also noting time and GPS provided location where a plate was opticly scanned. 

tech is a tool not good or evil but with a public unaware of what's possible and how things work it might as well be magic or not there. untill camp becomes less than optional and the database is very much there. 

but do like the ostrage and hide by dogmatic ly repeating conspiracy then stick your head up your... er in a hole and hope it's not real


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