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Minnesota Abusive Abuse Policies

 if you look at the right side bar with links I've done some of the ground work to point out cognition mood life span quality of life and emotional inhebition are all drasticly influenced by diet and deficiencies.

if any of the human officers that help destroy everything someone work

ed for on the hearsay claims of abuse or mental illness want to spend 3 years like I have I'll shut up. hey I'm about ready to hold my breath too, well c25 or CO but same diff 

the point I find unbelievable is this research isn't new. 

mn starvation experiment psych effects should help. 

Sigmund Freud narcissistic parent or parents with NPD. Traits of a narcissist. Traits of a psychopath or aspd, traits of BPD they're all pretty interchangeable actually in Psychology recognizes that as well I have seen some differences in the people I know that were diagnosed. I don't obsess about that have a very wide array of Interests usually they're technical but hey I don't know why I have to explain a human trying understand the world around then.

Although I wish more people would turn off commercial news but I digress.

cluster  B personality disorders make dangerous people. People that see the world in right wrong black white good bad. Their mental construct or perception of what another person is the one who is also damaged by this. They might feel no conscience, and Studies have shown they lack gray matter in the prefrontal cortex which contains the executive function of inhibition or emotional inhibition if I remember correctly. In other words both of my parents have said to me while punishing me well poisoning is well being physically abusive well-being mentally or psychologically torturous they will utter the phrase

I get what I want when I want

And that's just it combined with the problematic for incomplete concept of others they literally see it as an insult will killing a person his justification to hit them harder. Because they don't want to feel that ego slight at the moment. Some experts say that it might be only conflict they feel as well if they tend to seek it they also tend to seek control over others. This shouldn't need explaining either standards of Justice were blessings Written in Blood and people lie? No seriously people lie? Hello Hennepin County District Court?

Maple Grove pd self proclaimed industry leader... telegraph was just received after being writen 2k years before 1800s... it says

sometimes people lie.

All of the modern evidence says that the percentage of arguments that involve physical violence is something like 1% of what's reported as domestic violence

Lightning round quiz question: have you ever tried to eat a balanced diet without a kitchen?

Is there some magical button I can press to have it replaced? How about help when someone repeatedly steals felony amount after threatening all of my things well stocking me but the police are telling me they might be liable of certain things went on record meanwhile even the ashes of a pet or threatening than the other one shouldn't be dead.

Bonnie and Clyde  obviously were rabbits  but they were every bit my friends and kind of like children to me.

you basicly insisted that a parent can't have anything they worked for or control of their kids when maple Grove pd started enforcing " you can't file theft you gave them your stuff moving out" , "you just don't live here any more", "it's not illegal to say you own someone"

Take somebody with an infant and put them with a threat to life vehicle none of their things in a town in apartment they did not pick with only a bed and tell me you did not endanger that infants let alone that adult.

Officer Hanson tells me I didn't see that put the phone away when I'm 3 days hungry trying to show him pictures of the car I've been forced to labor on under threat of Destruction well they pretend to lose even Bonnie's ashes want me to repeat the word slave

The biggest atrocity is about a year-and-a-half as the lease was ending all of a sudden Hammond abuser because 4 days notice when the car's been broken down for 6 six and s till empty apartment

100 failed promises a bunch of numbers out my ass, 200 outright lies maximization of waste on buying pointless things to meet their demands and not even being able to eat let alone have the year to make the work they demanded not risky. I can't even have my bike you can't do coping mechanisms when someone to me not only do this to you but steel felony amount two times in between while you're still in a relatively Empty Apartment. It's essentially hey I miss you sick you said my house my figuring out what was wrong with it you actually did that 4 years ago we called you crazy then we just false police reports to get you declared crazy this time. Will interrupt this conversation to tell you that's not PC. We have a court ready if you tell us where you're going to put your foot if we don't stop trying to kill you, we literally has the most professionally remediated well we use police false police reports to put you in a mental ward and get you the Troy crazy for it 11 months after a professional confirmed it. We still in 6.3 grams of services and about 43,000 between stuff you bought on credit and with cash you earned through working along with everything ever given and stuff we're sure you haven't accounted for yet oh by the way we also been made you labor for nine months in Hell through the death of your pet and then got his label Bennett user while telling you we needed to send you work minimum-wage that would have all we're going to allow and stealing to make sure of it. Not accounting for the fact that you haven't had any lights in 3 years because of us in five years because you were doing what you were supposed to be doing through all of it but we did have time for that at one point with Lord knows you could use someone to talk to. Or another word incest nasty fucking destroy a person so you have emotional support crippled person through illegal actions that the police won't enforce

If you want to lock somebody up there's about four members of Maple Grove PD I wouldn't. Most of the rest when someone is reporting that they almost been pushed over railing two-on-one if it gets physical mail being open name being signed well they say they own someone else

The police department got themselves in this by buying hearsay and acting on it

They're standing between me and any resolution or end to the harm but they will not act other than to suggest I need another emergency medical hold if I want Confessions of a felony level theft added to what I assume is an existing police report I was given the card but not the number

This has been three years without the abilities to eat for up to four days at a time in 2019 twice three days at a time twice. This is stuff to make sure I am debased you stabilized this is actual harm done by the police standing in between stopping it or even realizing it actually I'm sure they realize it as sure as one can be but apparently human life isn't the priority to protect in Maple Grove unless party is wealthy and or federal grants might come into play. Or maybe it's the 25-year Affinity of SEIU Local 284 is recognized by the police Union I can't say that for sure Dunkin save I've seen things like that happen before I want it. It plays a role here. All the officers want to talk to him like friendly Converse. There's a little bit about change to win and association between the two unions and he was leadership.

Even if that plays absolutely no role we still got a hell of a problem. It seems police are concerned for human life what can you do with racial but putting someone on the street or enabling theft after theft admitting you might be liable for some of your actions and then doubling down on them it's one thing if the police weren't there I have zero record of violence I have zero record of mental illness until a likely illegal emergency medical hold was executed. I was diagnosed by a doctor refusing to view expert testimony that the problem was real or take into account my lack of any symptoms because this happened three months into hotels 16 months before between the apartment and spread to and their house was absolute hell and bleeding from the corners of the eyes. A weekend to the first hotel I still had some symptoms but the bleeding was gone it took a long time for the joint pain to go away. But me looking for skin in front of that Dr should have been further indication of environmental irritants or causation by environmental factors. Instead to turn down viewing the hired mold Pro testimony he's just answered patients aren't allowed phones on the ward so I'm not really diagnosed with anyting whatever he says. I'm pretty sure is a friend of my mother's. Which might mean you thought he was doing something for a trusted friend but it would still be a violation of ethics. Although what the fuck does that matter?

Other than Minnesota is enslaving and abusing its citizens. It's taking it's personality disorder indoors we're trying Chris. What might on the surface appear to have been cozy but is anything but. A few people have told me I probably have it the worst they've ever seen. And part of that is I'm the only child the next of kin closest is 10 years older and had financially away rapper life. Also my parents have loans and money as with most of the extended family on my mom's side I am truly alone in the world. Can you guys not resist just beating the shit out of someone who's already been kicked? I know some of you can or I think some of you tried. But as much as I appreciate that this isn't okay. I'm in a way to make it okay is quit with the protect and serve quit with the peace officer. You participated in robbing me blind and still poisoning me to this day sinaloan stalking attempted murder not going through


But they started adapting the same tactics

Would have been appropriate to tell me about an ofp that I could have filed instead of if that was on record we might be liable like October 2019. Instead we don't even see why three years malnourished dealing with the toxic mold problem current paid to get rid of it but use like a bio-weapon alone with only pet rabbit dead in the freezer a pet that I've had since 2007 want to put minutes in an emergency medical hold to cover up your arm which should have just been there harm. But the thing is we know throughout history dogs with the least financial means do the worst in the justice system. What's really fucking disturbing is when the police participate in making you negative $23,000 credit well destroying 16 years of things you work for or making sure they are destroyed

In other words instead of appropriately investigating or even recognizing maybe people might lie newsflash maybe people might lie. Maybe the power that a police officer has might take an innocent life and if these things are not realized. I don't even deserve to die earlier because you messed up if I do things that do that that's on me but this isn't

This is probably the end of this Society I can't imagine it surviving in getting more fucked up although it probably will for a little bit. I hope I'm wrong my mood is probably biased in that a bit I'd love to get a nice meal lay on the couch it'll go for a bike ride have a friend to talk to. Be able to finish the things I committed to and demonstrated working the things other people paid for the things that all agreed he would finance my living for a. Of time I can discuss this later you don't need the details since the house made me sick I was working my ass off two jobs before that I was about ready to file an LLC what I start bleeding from the corners of the eyes because Cosmos cat dies.

No absolutely run out no one to turn to because 65 miles from where I started and now back but two years in like five cities later without the ability to finish the things I was publicly known to be doing so I have nothing except a black hole of despair and inability to obtain health

Maple Grove Police are every bit as murderous as Minneapolis. These policies I've got to go it's not entirely their fault but we also need a psych eval and possibly some separation of Duty it'd be real simple to implement the line where you could even arbitrate conversations on the phone instead of the clever one person the abuser once there's any of you see how many this life and limb of someone on here safe. Or follow it up with hey here's the knot Family Court that is going to declare you a witch it doesn't matter if you are chained to the bed on the day of your 4 days later trial after the summoning


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