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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Minnesota Caste System (Roasting Maple Grove Police)

 Where dependent on your class police are there to slowly execute you draining your time and money inbetween. i think its a bit sicker than that. it might be intentional it might be happenstance  but only the elites children are likely to maintain. of course not everyone parents are like mine so maybe socioeconomic mobility is better than i assume.

This turned into something other than I intended when I first wrote the title.

I know a society that allows its elders to abuse and pray on its young is deeply sick and probably headed towards the fall of Rome. have no fear though the band that mentioned the last race riots were about these fucked up police is now with Rome :D and also a reason I will change the radio station. 

Between periods of starvation forced by felony level thefts the police wont allow reported or allow confessions on reports ive gota say I probably couldnt scream 187, my mouth would be too full of human flesh. (California Penal Code defines the crime of murder, also irrc the police radio code for it in CA). " dont worry I downloaded cooking-with-the-donnerparty.pdf

Close Robbin; Maple Grove Police Department is a party of 55. Feed the poor and solve police brutality all in one go? damn prion diseases always spoiling the fun

one of the verses : "if you look at the streets this wasnt about Rodney King, Its about this fucked up situation and these fucked up police. Its about coming up and staying on top an screaming 187 on a mother fucking cop"'

maybe later today ill publish full plans and schematics for bluetooth low energy beacon proximity rapid vehicle disintegration device 

I dont even have a working phone anymore and if i move on this fucked up matress the power cord comes out of the laptop and with the battery pack caput that translates to black screen/loss of power. I digrees. 

i know if officer Hanson shot himself in the head the state would be safer. comon notfficer er sargent take one for the team! you can even unholster and fire not on the range...it will be fun for everyone! it will support the mn economy. some team will have to clean your brain matter off the celing, paramedics get involved, someone drives a hurse, you get a slight freezer wait like my rabbit Clyde has had for over a year now. and then either a new space some 6ft under or a nice vase to call home. All that and the world becomes a better place! it even stimulates hiring of a police officer. maybe they like you can climb 3 ranks in...what 8 years? then help kill people acting on hearsay with out seeming understanding of the word allegedly. its a bit funnier to me that the officers around you found that more amusing when i realize you were probably their supervisor. 

Wikipedia (uber reliable):

  • Sergeant: Three chevrons, a police officer who supervises an entire watch shift in smaller departments and areas of a precinct and individual detective squads in larger departments. Some agencies, such as the New Jersey State Police, use a para-militaristic range of sergeant ranks, such as staff sergeant and sergeant first class, in addition to the basic sergeant rank. 

What was less than amusing was when the officer who described herself as your partner asserted blatent lies and then some 60 miles away over the phone began rasing her voice and telling me not to talk over her when i attempted to correct them. Pigs are actually clean animals, you guys are not. Power triping over the phone when a citizen sits outside your jurisdiction in retrospect is kinda funny though. 

I can show you how to be a more honorable trunt... some blue lines might need crossing though. That said its as simple as taking the advice of Cheryl Trunt:

its clear by those actions (that call is posted further back on this blog) shes a massive trunt (or am i forgeting a rhyme? wonder if Cheryl has a brother named Mike?) but like the wolf says in pulp fiction: just because you are a character doesnt mean you have character. 

side note: someone remind me no 187 there... it'll taste like...

oh shit if he rolls through arbor lakes you can probably detain him for shopping while black. at very least ask him to go home and change. 

Yes sargent this is an example of "allegedly" we are out of gold stars today in kindergarten so i can only award you with two silver lightning bolts
its like 2x the harry potter though! you and many of your cohort earned it. Maple Grove Minnesota now featuring Maple Grove Police Department with 2x the harry potter!

In unrelated random news its said the maple grove synagogue is offering nimbus escape brooms. 

Even if you beat the shit out of me ill probably laugh. Laugh at the fact that if I read your age correctly I was alone for 45 days in europe on a trip i worked to payfor before leaving for NDSU while you were in middle school. on that trip i had one of two bank cards yanked from my hand and just about caught the fucker with a almost 90 lb backpack on my back. Aka I probably would have whooped your ass at one point. the funny part of course is when from a position of power you allow or contribute to someone being starved and poisoned for several years before a possible physical confrontation. little man syndrome has never been a louder component. if not for the fact that 20 years ago he would have been just out of diapers the first call to 8043 lanewood probably would have resulted in 2 dead Shih Tzus (the neighbors dogs) so maple grove police departments sargent hanson could establish dominance. word is still out on which of the 3 barks loudest. 

Funny thing about police in France. We drove around in the squad for maybe an hr and a half or two looking for the perp. thats a peace officer. the Germans have them too. some american police try. others define piece officer 

Plastic makes it possible!
I think i did the Dr dirty with this association. 

Photos of Maple Groves Sargent Rory Hanson protecting and serving (his right to speedy service at whitecastle)(also when you are from sothern wi but dont know the airshow...not hard to figure out the rest. I've never been to it either but ive known a lot of people and paid attention to their stories.) (the last parenthesis arnt suposed to make sense to everyone, its esoteric. like saying: sup Luke? your stepdad is wise not to work for mine.)

hold my breath or otherwise (for notficer to stimulate the economy) ive been poisoned and malnourished for 3 years to outright starved and asked to repeat the word slave while 3 days hungry

the thefts have left me with out a functional vacuum cleaner or air filter and the massive mold issue my parents caused is in my apt after 9 months forced labor on their car. the first 3 with out p.p.e i already owned.

heres a headline: maple grove police department force labor and help steal a mans ppe (pronounce in line with the good sargetnt geting gold stars in kindergarten. its a dick joke. but its said Rorey was top of his class graduating the fuhrers's youth program.) 

Even these guys disapprove of that program. Another way they were actually peace officer was what happened later this day. I had been exploring with a Canadian friend then we went to watch the world cup game on the river (jumbo tron in the center of the river) Wojtek had a few too many to drink. he had indicated he was going to the bathroom and when some time had passed and he didnt return I went looking for him. I found him half passed out against one of the portable toilets with an officer tapping his sholder. When I said hes with me ill watch him they were on their way. The whole thing is more amusing when you realize Wojtek was a graduate student about to be a lawyer and I had just graduated high school. 

the only time american police and their fetishtic DETAIN DETAIN ARREST DETAIN shit was funny was supper troupers. 

weve become a police state of abuse policed by police who statisticly speaking have a higher rate of dv than the pop they police yet dv is yet another reason to bust down doors and detain. if you call the police over a loud argument consider the fact that the person most likely to do the hitting is the one that shows up with badge weapon and squad car. 

a fungus gnat landed on my face while i typed this. its  literal infested shit hole and not far from a cell when you can steal anything at any moment and use bio weapons to direct what any income made is spent on and priorities. 

I was an incredibly active person and ive done enough research where i know my own health very well. ive never been in worse shape. 

me in 2017

its worse than this now. this was maybe 4 months ago

In my experiance the state of minnesota, City of St Cloud Minnesota and Maple Grove police are wiling to helping a former child molester and abuser murder adult offspring

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