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Minnesota Criminal Covictions with Civil Standards of Evidence after you put the lotion on your skin

 Minnesota has a VAWA law that they now claim is open to men to. I have no doubt it is but I would bet the arrests for men against men, men accused women are way lower than women on men.

I wager this not because of any difference in the genders but rather that there may be funding  from the fed gov in the women accused men version if a subsiqent arrest is made. 

"OVW or VAWA fedral grants" is the thing/query string to search

what are they?

civil/family court orders that have a flipped burden of proof and little to no standard of evidence on the accusation.

lack of any record indicating issues probably won't be of concern. 

if the person having petitioned against you has chained you down before the court date, they probably won't be concerned and it passes in your absence.

criteria to apply, anyone who is:

blood relative

slept with another

former or current roommate

married or divorced 

note, the second one makes it pretty wide open. 

there's also no statue of limititations and no filing fee. ie file on pretty much anyone in the state at any time.  they get in my case 4 days notice. notice on a Friday with court Tuesday morning an hr and a half from where the tried to kill me assaulted me 2x still poisoning me, illegal evicted me still destroying all my things... an hr and a half from the apt where I signed a lease under duress and threat to myself my animals and all my still held and being destroyed personal property.

filed 20 days before I had to be out of this apt due to landlord not liking the hazordus forced labor for 9mo under similar threats

filed knowing the car I had was broken down for 6 days and their house is 45min away. (ofp issued for imenent risk of DV.. yeah after 3 years Mal nourished 30 days starved in 2019... if I walked st cloud to maple Grove I'd die before I so much as got in the door.

filed after the accusers stole my driver's liscense. 

what's bad about these in general

2nd amendment gone

police will refuse reports if it involves the accuser having commited any crime. I've found others who report this is the case for them as well.

ban is one sided, accuser can ring your phone all day, answering becomes a violation. this is nuts..... 

Especially combined with the fact that the only way to report police misconduct is to the department and is set up to be against 1 officers not a department. Minnesota Lotto two step further and makes it a crime to submit a false report of misconduct meaning the police can easily retaliate after haven't harmed you illegally but I suppose nothing they do is illegal if no one will hold them to the law

How much of a solution is civil if police activity or refusing to so much as say hey cut it out to someone repeatedly endangering your life.. unless people can magically pop into civil court without needing transport a lawyer food any of the basics then we have a big problem here

the u of m should have done its predatory policing report on mn

 Because if I understand correctly what happens is you might end up in Criminal Court but you're not re deciding if any actual crime occurred you're deciding whether the civil decision without criminal standards of evidence whether that was violated. The outcome of that automatically can make somebody a criminal. Or in other words it's not did they pose a threat it's not did they harm it's did they violate basically getting labeled a witch and probably no regards as to why or if it was just to begin with

I type this from an apt devoid of even basics like cookwear. 

in MN it's suposed to be a crime to make promises with no intent to deliver, to steal services, steal personal property. damage personal property or real property. 

with out things like a desk and a printer let alone my kitchen I never stood a chance. 

what's worse the accusers then came and stole a fellony amount a month after it passed as covid was in full swing. 

actually 2 days after the court date I couldn't attend and over the next 14 days, 2 welfare checks 6 times in my parking lot or driving by.. 

aka accusers drove 45 min just to stalk starting 2 days after it passed.

but to fully define predatory police:

trying to report the fellony level theft might have happened, officer showed up gave me her card. trying to get later confessions added to maybe report) officer suggestingf I needed mental eval

I belive 3 days ago they tampered with car in locked apt garage as well I haven't bothered calling police. the calls from previous times are posted on this blog. 

this state is hurting to enslaving people.

note I'm 32, 0 criminal record good credit 2006 to 2017. left their house for Europe then Fargo ND in 2006 was gone for 8 plus years except xmas /holidays. started earning 25 to 30 an hr in 2004 had more than one job at same time as well. no history of mental illness. mild pstd from finding my dad almost dead in 2004 that I had later saught consoling for. which should indicate I know how to care for myself and or know myself. I've had long term relationships, never had violence issues. been to court so few times you have fingers left over counting on one hand. 


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