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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Minnesota Emancipation

 Like many other places it pertains to objectively defining matters critical to right, Saftey, well being, security and privacy, mn law is actualy not very clear on when if ever one is emancipated from their parents.

you could say it's automatic at 18 due to fedral law. 

but good luck with that argument to the police. in my experiance they give fuck all about fedral law unless it gives them rights to override something normaly keeping you safe. which is kinda sad. mn on paper looks great with its inclusion of personal property (imaginary property vs real property) in theft law but again... good luck Geting that enforced. everything is always civil to the officers in my experiance and I've found I'm not alone in hearing that line. by a better estimate than I initially put togeather mgpd is allowing 43k of my personal property to be destroyed and held from me after an illegal lock Change eviction. yet even as I point to a single piece worth 1k being destroyed officer Hanson is quick to tell me it's civil. 

yet maple Grove police arrested a woman for stealing a bottle of wine from a eatery in arbor lakes in 2019

on top of that personal property such as my cookware since apt life in 2007 is rather crucial to my health

 instead 3 years poisoning and Mal nutrition

the U of M has a paper on predatory policing I'll link here later. 

back to emancipation though, if there is criteria it would apear to be have you lived outside of the house. the issue is with out published definition one can never know if they've met it.

there might as well not be one from the perspective of the person Geting screwed

something they are unable to know is just that so whether it was invented during the trial or existed prior, to them it means no difference and or might as well have been. 

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