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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Minnesota Food for the Poor.

 Minnesota has launched a new pork rib delivery service, just dial 911. 

for expedited delivery tell them you are a female with an ofp being violated by a male. there's likely federal funds transferred to the state, county or city for the related arrest. This should mean your full rack of porkin privateer shows up quicker. 

you might need to do some processing of the meal and it will arrive raw. 

while a bold move on the states part supplies are said to be limited. so limited in fact a town like Maple Grove Minnesota with a population of 71807 only has 55 full racks to go round. If your police created hunger isn't yet threatening your life consider maple groves non emergency delivery service @ 763-494-6100

i have a feeling this is so bold peta will actually encourage it as the only ethical meat. The people of Jewish faith may take issues with the blatent discrimination though. 

the non emergency number is included to aid in any query for maple grove police producing this page :D

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