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minnesota lacks ethics and endangers

 abuse is the modern scarlet letter. the title abuser can be applied by a civil court branch known as family. before and after the actual abusers may have police help in human trafficking, stealing till you starve, abusing physically and police may as they did in my case join in on the psychological abuse. 

police aren't hold to much if any of what they do without a protest turned to several riots. this is unfortunately more likely to harm black people. but its beyond crazy to make something that does harm regardless of race into a racial issue. 

oh god here come the white cancels... they are surging worse than covid and bubbles are coming out their ears like they tried to suds their brains. its said they cant see from another perspective so their message or die. its almost like a culture that systemically encouraged parents to abuse and neglect produced a lot of bpd, aspd and npd individuals. I digress.

point I wanted to make is loud arguments have killed few to no one yet they are now enough to allow you to be separated from everything you own and thrown on the street in a state that can dip bellow negative 30 deg f. 

starvation has killed quite a few and the mn hunger study of 1944 had the realization it may be unethical to prescribe psych meds when dietary deficiencies aren't first addressed. 

yet in mn police can selectively filter reports and confessions from them allowing someone to violate criminal law repeatedly and starve you between physically assaulting you

the kicker is angry delerious words may then form the basis of police detaining you for 3 - 5 days. 

loud arguments have killed few to none (maybe a heartattack or few) i haven't yet found a deaths by starvation figure for adults but world wide 3.2m kids a year die due to starvation. 

some lawyers and the fbi stats 10 years ago showed 99 percent of whats reported as dv is a loud argument. 

are we saving people from loud arguments so they can die of starvation?

the police may put you on the street based on hear say. in otherwords you don't have to do anything. anyone willing to lie could potentially do this to you

the prosicuter can override desire not to press charges once dv is reported. in otherwords police may separate you from the evidence you need to defend yourself while the county builds a case against you. 

alternatively mn family court offers ofps which have hearsay for the accusation and burden on the accused. if you thought police were onsided before, try after one is applied. 

I'm starving on a bed my pstd therapy animal died on with him in the freezer and my other animals remains in the hands of paul and marlene who threatened everything I ever worked for and are still destroying it, are still poisoning me but I'm the abuser. police refused to allow assaults or attempted murder on reports. police refuse to allow confessions of felony level thefts since on reports. 

mn police and civil courts are killing people. you would think with Minnesota nice it would be with kindness. instead its with Australian import marcupial uncivil courts and privateers masquerading as police. 

but remember if someone wants to keep stealing and assaulting you; if police wont care they empty your bank sign your name, its not slavery to just work to get it back and stolen again until you die. but you gotta work. 

work will set you free. 

when maple groves sargent hanson tells me the former child molester has given me enough. yeah I tend to agree. the issue is the fellony level thefts and attempted murder by his wife and what their mold used as a bio weapon has both taken and given to me. 

ofps and the actions of police in mn are against many tenants of justice. here's two:

fair procedure

procedural due process

when one party cant file or finds whats allowed on reports is heavily censored but the other can have a 3red prty1,322.5 mi generate an abuse report after calling in on 4th hand information. something is fucking wack. 

one day in 2018 my dad and I had a 2 second loud argument standing over 10 ft apart. he doesn't hear very well doesn't help but he was yelling at me I was yelling at him voices would have been raised over that distance anyway. 

an aunt who was on the phone with my mom at the other end of the house ends up hearing it. my mom claims she hung up and called my cousin katie in va. katie has hit so many people shes been court ordered to anger management 2x. shes threatened to beat my ass if I go near my property stolen by my parents. shes a parent of 2 last I checked. "its a parents right to beat their kid" 

Katie is someone who knows nothing about me other than what my mom tells her. over years 0 to 15 of my life, thanks giving, mothers day and 2 family xmas parties were usually the extent of encounters. she joined the navy when I was 15 or so and other than 3x back in mn and a week at NAS Catania i haven't really seen her since. at the time she placed that call to maple grove pd i was 30. to be clear she called from virgina beach va. the event was in maple grove mn. it was so brief my dad and I were both (or he played well) dumbstruck when police were all a sudden at the door looking for me. That trip to NAS Catania was a family affair, it wasn't as if I was specifically invited. while I'm not one to turn down a trip abroad, I had already paid for and spent 45 days backpacking alone the summer I turned 18 staying at hostiles and with kind families in Germany, France and Italy also visiting spain. 

the really sick thing is 

when I managed to get confessions of reports falsified as weapons. mgpd is uninterested in reversing the course or allowing it on record. they seem to have stepped it up after point blank informed me they might be liable. in the same convo i was told "its not illegal to say you own someone" 

protect and serve promotion paths at the expense of citizens lives and ability to seek happiness and or certain forms of employment. label the terrorized and endangered abuser call it a day.

my phone screen is broken and I'm in an infested empty apt with Clyde rabbit in the freezer. this is fucking sick. more sick is since getting me the abuser label they came and stole a fellony amount from my garage. then another day I noticed an oragne glow from the dash of the car. velcro sticky tape over the warning light. one tire was 12 psi low for no reason. like the day before the person who claims to own me and police are allowing to destroy enough of my property to have bought this not my 40k car...had texted me demanding I do maintenance on his car. 

several times before and after the ofp paul and or paul and marlene have driven 45min to be in my apt parking lot. they stalk they assault they rob they starve they poison, they poison socially by calling people in my world and telling them I'm sick in the head and various other things, aka people they might not have even been introduced to or know but I do.

 but I'm the abuser. 

such an abuser this is how my cat looked at me the day before he died. visiting him when he was sick spread paul and marlenes mold problem to my apt in 2017

such an abuser here's how bonnie rabbit looked at me. while working myself nearly to death I one day passed out face down on the floor. woke 6hrs later to daylight and a weight on my back. bonnie had sprawled out and was sleeping on my back. 

in 2018 after bonnie died paul wuethrich threatened to put Clyde rabbit in the clothes washing machine. i abudcted my own rabbit to the hotels they were bouncing me between. 

me in 2017

me in 2020. 2019 was 9 mo forced labor in an apt they  picked in a town they picked. apt still empty. 2006 I left their home for fargo nd and besides 6mo or so in 2014 hadent lived there again until 2018. i had acquired a full kitchen set of cooking and serving tools which I'm still deprived of. i spent 30 days hungry with 2x 4 day periods and 2x 3 day periods while doing hazardous forced labor with out ppe in 2019.

st cloud 2015 apt. 

the lead thief and abuse aiding and embedding officer is sargent rorey hanson. who if I read correctly the one time I looked into him is something like 5yrs my jr and linkin reported like one job... maple grove pd. the sparta reference is a bit esoteric if you aren't him and about 10 miles off point. 
if you can rob someone to the street why not disrespect your poor eleders to death. esp when liability is of concern and their are thieves abusers and molesters to aid and embed. after all humans aren't going to traffic themselves. 

in mn claim abuse to police or civil court first and they will help you kill the victim. 
death via starvation to protect you from loud arguments.

I know how to end hunger in mn. its something like a big pig roast. 


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