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Minnesota Locks Up Slaves Or Grant's it For Terrorizing Them

 After making me sick what they have done is especially after it was confirmed they have attempted to run me out entirely in every definition of how you can do that to another. They have attempted to keep me from having any success with any Endeavor I am forced to do let alone need to do. They often use illegal means to force but the police refused even to report let alone investigation the police refuse recorded evidence to outright admission this is happening.

I believe they have court granted custodial ship over my mom's sister as well. What's funny is my whole life at family gatherings she's had stories that she doesn't know who's doing it but somebody steals from her breaks her things moves her things enter sir apartment while she's at work then her car got stolen as well. My mom demanded keys for this apartment I've been renting since 2007 they have never had keys. I did not give them keys but I have witnessed them do everything my aunt has described this in itself is not proof.

The issue I see is if police censor even reports. someone as alone as my aunt or worse, myself we can't even pull that if you keep track of dates things might have happened. I've got recorded in mission to some of the felony level crimes but police indicates that I need another stay in a mental hospital rather than them listening to the recordings. Just to be clear I have no criminal record I had no mental health issues.

What's worse there's no standard of evidence on the Doctor Who at any time can give you that diagnosis there's no objective criteria people who made the DSM have started objecting to this because they realize it's being used to harm people. But worse yet if the person harming you is a family member and a medical professional they likely have read-write access to all your medical records even if there is an audit Trail none of those systems are perfect they're usually built for the lowest possible expenditure to build them and looking around I found a few invitations even the police record system has some somewhat undetectable ways to tamper with existing records

We need to stop creating systems that harm people and put people with little to no check or balance in almost power this is not freedom


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