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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Minnesota Needs To Change or Change What it Teaches


it's a potential criminal charge to attempt to report police misconduct. it's also geared around reporting one officer not the potential unlawful actions of a department. 

how likely is it for a department to act unlawfully? consider if they were to act on hearsay and those actions created a liability. if the 3rd party creating the issue isn't likely to stop and they figure you are now Ina postion unlikely to reach court. 

welcome to my world 

state can do as state wants/will. that said ethicly speaking we should be stressing Jr high or high school that no matter what we said about the constitution earlier, in MN if police screw up and harm you its not likely there will be much done. 

the issue with ethics is informed consent. I've at many times had the ability to leave and never come back. had I known the extent of the harm police could do let alone lack of protection. 

here's something sorta related, the us outlawed slavery right? define slavery? we also outlawed lesser forms like indentured servitude which was mainly non black or even white people. yet when police allow you to be repeatedly robbed and labor forced under theat to everything ever yours and or your animals to extract labor or lose everything how far from that is slavery? 

what if the people doing it claim to own you? how about if the police not allowing reports of attempted murder, check fraud or mail fraud or biting that 43k or so of assets they help steal are being desteoyed? then two more fellony level thefts not allowed reported along wiyh 2 more assaults? on top of it police are also telling you 

"it's not illegal to say you own someone" 

you might say just walk away. 

Yet if the attacker has your ssn and dl number has already shown they will sign your name and drive 45min to stalk you.. 

basicly anyone with more time and expendable income is extreamly hard to get away from even if you had all your property to sell and even if they didn't show willingness to touch bank accounts and forge your signature. 

it's not a real solution. 

but then mn takes it up a knotch and allows anyone to gi to family court and claim another made them feel threatened. no statue of limits. no consideration of lack of any past indicating violence no consideration for why other than the claims the accuser makes. the burden to disprove is on the accused and court doesn't care if you can't make it. you could essently chain your victim down then go to court claim they made you feel threatened.. 

One sided restraining order, you get to go near them can keep calling them.. they can go to jail for answering or being seen near you 

this is insanity. 

it puts the lotion on its slave skin and I'll still give it the court again 

it's one stop to criminal to civil and Minnesota's ofp law gets around any standard of evidence this way. 

Inbetween it automatic ly strips second amendment rights. makes you arrestable sans warent. 

which is an abortion if justice. if I understand correctly the criminal trial won't be about did you ever pose a threat of actual harm, it's did you violate the family/civil order. 

which all it took to get that was hersay. 

ie you violated a hearsay civil order made while you might have been chained down by purgerous accuser. now criminal court finds you guilty and you are a criminal with out nesicarly having done  or said anything, potentially after the literal and figurative shit is repeatedly kicked out of you. 

family court? the criteria is actually just claiming you've slept with someone, are a blood relative or former roommate. ie pretty much anyone. 

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