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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Minnesota Police and Courts Terminate family lines.

 if you are looking for a state that will allow you to on hearsay commit felony thefts while enabling your physical abuse attempted murder and repetitive theft to render your adult offspring hopeless while labeling them abuser. Minnesota Courts and Maple Grove Police are here to help'

in mn if you are robbed blind the police are there to search and detain you for verbally expressing anger while starving. detain you for 3 - 5 days. 

police in mn are here to serve any adult with money and despite law on the books and mission statements with good pr value try to remember while you are human trafficked what a bait and switch is

try to remember when its 18 to -30 Deg f that you are free to walk away with out a coat. in Minnesota if cowboy bill puts you down a well or your mom who claims to be your landlord when you moved back in and accepts 6300 USD in services over 18 mo and tries to push you over a railing ...if they say to put the lotion on your skin, anything but yes MA'AM will be met by courts with an abuser label for the person down the well. 

if they repeatedly steal felony amounts and stalk you after they saught an ofp police may say you need a 3 to 5 day detainment instead of allowing a confession on a report. 

remember you are free to walk away with noting in -30F temperatures. something like 6min of freedom before death or losing a limb. doing so would also qualify you for detainment in a mental ward. 

maple grove police prefer you wait till after 18 to rob assault stalk etc your kids but if you don't have a drug problem or get a dui with them in your car and can limit the bruises from assaults feel free to molest away before 18 

after 18 its not really even laissez-faire its more like police and court-enforced to encouraged. 

i would bet there's fed money for people in drug treatment programs. everywhere else I've looked like OFPs there's some indication that police enslaving people might generate federal money for the department county or state. the connection here is trauma is known to create or greatly contribute to addiction. 

this system is sick. my experiences in the last 3 years have made every horror movie I've seen look like an informative made for kids program. someone trying to kill you then 2 on one about to report to police you shoved them. you know if you disconnect the phone you are facing charges and if you don't....once reported the county can override a desire not to file charges for the falsely reported as abuse attempted murder... against the victim. 

its 18 deg and they stole your coat. you are free to leave on foot though. nothing stops them from following you. in 2019 it got down to -30 and so cold that after driving hard on freeway for over an hr the heater couldn't keep the car cab warm at idle. walking away on foot would be survival or "free" time of probably less than 6min. 

minnesota has sold abuse as a justification to slavery

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