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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Minnesota Police Departments and Courts

 Helpful at enabling child molesters to endanger the lives of their former victims via assault, poisoning, felony level thefts and ruined background checks and right stripping without due process. 

if you belive in owning your children through adulthood a vote for mn family courts and funding police departments enables that human property you crave. 

after all what fun would it ber if you cant try to kill your adult offspring for your mistakes. how much of a big man or woman are you if you cant take the thing you touched and torcher them till death?

mn courts and especially maple grove police take hearsay as verbatim and are here to help. 

another fungus gnatt just buzzed my face. i guess its not really mine as paul says he owns me. 

if police and courts fuck you up repeatedly and you still live you can look forward to courts and police ordering more control of your life in the form of psych services. 

a vote for maple grove police is a vote for child molesters empowered. police in mn enable bio warfare to assault as long as you say you own your offspring. any evidence otherwise is as orfacer sargent mmbop (sargent hanson) says:


sargetnt mmbop and the molested hearts band. here to rock your world like he used to get rocked with a cow behind him. 

unrelated note: anyone know how to get bovine semen out of a pigs asshole? i wouldn't want it contaminating the rack of ribs. 

its said in maple grove 911 and nonemergency will soon be starting a food delivery service, just be sure to ask dispatch for a half or full rack and specify a side of unconstitutional search seizure and detainment for 3 to 5 days. 

if in Minneapolis and or black ask for unreasonable knees for 1 life off. 

if you are considering moving to Minnesota don't forget, we define abuser not based on evidence or in courts with standards there of. Abuser: whoever partitions court first regardless of if they chained the victim to prevent them from reaching civil court. see mn ofp law. 

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