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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Minnesota terror

 every horror movie I've seen might as well be a kids educational show.

make someone sick to point they lose lease. not hard to do as most/ majority of Americans going into covid had less than 600 cash if need be.

invite someone to live with you now claiming to be their landlord 

find out your decisions on your house made them sick

gaslight vwrvaly abuse terrorize demand labor accept labor 10s of times over rent into fellony service theft amount

try to kill them 

police help you keep everything theirs and their friends in the furry form

call people you can get contact for and socially poision 

stalk while making sure they pay gas and change hotels on short to incorrect notice sometimes more than once a week. 

inform you stop giving pets prescribed medicine. 

use more false police reports as weapon to get person locked in mental ward where despite expert testimony avaliable and symptoms having ceased leaving environment a Dr refuses to view it gives mental diagnosis for delusions of professionaly confirmed issue. 

as they get out send pics revealing u had issue felt with by paid pro as u had them locked up. 

do everything u can to make it seem you killed a pet possibly did. 

threaten the still living.. 

I can't finish this right now

I hate u dad only one worse is mom

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