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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Minnesota Work For Nothing

 if we wanted stability, less mass violence and people achieving more I think an easy place to start is blanket statement require x days to weeks notice before police will help keep you or take you permantly grin a living situation.

if laws arnt enforced but this civil stuff is and cops doing what ever cops want results in you seperate from you possessions based on hearsay. 

we need police realizing that let alone when it also involves actual poision and forces labor.. 

but it should surprise you much of the things many people buy has resale value or pawn ability even. shouldn't surprise the satate, it does asset forfiture. yet despite criminal law like damage to property, theft of property, promise with no intent, assult, attempted murder, check fraud mail fraud

4 year and a halfpree ofp every claim was civil they owe me nothing what am I doing there?

police try to strong arm abuse victims as bad as the abuser but want to go by peace bacon 

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