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Monday, December 7, 2020

MN Police with out supervision or recourse may wipe you out

 in MN our law books cover oral leases. in maple Grove aparently inviting someone to live with you and claiming to be their landlord is grounds to take 6.3k in services and have police help u keep everything theirs while you claim to own them. then repeatedly steal fellony amounts

It seems there's no recognition of any basic that I'm sure the officers the same position would not be happy with it been forced on them. If I can set where you live and what you have after making agreements and or legally binding ones but the police refused to recognize it and enforce me setting where you are what you have great harm can be done great risk can be imposed on a person. Except the way I kind of figured they do understand is or maybe they don't which would be really sick but you want to give him mental hold or an emergency medical hold well what harms me to the extent that I'm not stable? This isn't about helping people the way it's being used the way it's being abused. And I wouldn't put it on every officer to think of it this way but in this particular situation you might be wiping out a family line by enforcing the actions of abusers even when they run the fall with federal and state law. I do feel the need to call attention to the fact that your decision to support potentially abusive parents in any case because I've seen it before; these action are like class Warfare whether you think about it that way or not they're potentially wiping out families. These actions what undue burden on people who didn't ask to be alive and go against what their tot is justice it's like surprise we just pulled you for 16 years teaching you that you're safe there's a system protect you but know that doesn't actually apply if the person harming you is the person who chose you exist in the world and the police go by what they say versus what you do or have earned or even have been given. Because the extra fuck you on top of it is you study law either college and or on your own you're like to believe that there's even more protections in this state. But the state seems ignorant of the fact that it's the police are willing to put you on the street to allow you to continuously be robbed You're not protecting anyone in this case the only way that can work is with standards of Justice not harming someone I'm here safe and then sticking with it so you hope you're not liable no one deserves to die so you might get your promotion on time or might not get a reprimand that goes away if I read correctly or gets the equivalent of sealed the details on the file drop off. I believe I read that about Minneapolis I'd have to double-check like most things this is at the top of my head I'd love to be able to sit down and plan it out I have that luxury because even though I built three desks I don't have them. Take from already vulnerable people and then you want to lock them up in a mental ward this is like the SS not the police

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