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why not to live in MN. most vulnerable moment and demographic

men followed by anyone else moving to MN 

Really after any move the budget isn't there for three weeks in a hotel or however long it would take to walk away with nothing and sign another lease if police helped landlord steal everything 0 notice

 instead of landlord paid to put you up. 

Kind of like a third-world state. I realized in writing this that the police can and do refuse reports which means no investigation will ever happen. Which means if you're part of a serial killer murder that case probably won't be long well there's not a primary cuz I think so or that's convenient for me so hey no record. Which is terrible because data management wise or solving crimes if there's no record of things because you didn't on the spot human error ignored   I want to enter a record indicating citizen said this I do not believe this this is all that occurred or whatever actually 

You can't Query a database for stuff that isn't

In it. Which is even more dangerous because places like Chicago are applying things that check public and police records to calculate who might be at most risk for being shot or committing a crime so police can then put pressure on them. Reports aren't mandatory a lot of bad things happen none of it good to come of it nothing to come of it is really Justice in the way that we can. I feel that the police department or police organizations in general might have figured out the more chaos they let the higher their demand and that's the case we got to go I don't like what's happening to me at the moment but

 are helping instead of wanting details. When the police act on lies and refused to allow them corrected dangerous things happen unless the police can't touch you but the police can have you taken these and probably won't get charges for doing so. not everyone gets protests and riots. 

on that note I think something of Dr kings wisdom was totally canceled this time round it's a totally different image if police Gas or storm  people sitting down. Dr. King is famous for the sit in iirc. Nope consider doing that on Paul my wings lawn I don't trust officer Hanson want to take the opportunity to taze  me

this remains unless or untill you save up for another move and hotel time with the money you make first.

as the police handle their own complaints and can press criminal charges for complaining.. 

there are some oddities to my situation but factor those out and ESPICIALLY with a female landlord and male Tennant I can see police putting a would be new Minnesotant into the gutter 

just avoid the move in general

if you end up living in your car your probability of maintaining that job you moved here for? didn't have a car yet? I could come up with tons of scenarios but suficite to say they arnt far fetched

ofp law can be applied for against virtually any mn citizen. at any time for free and overrides or nullifies leases. actually I've heard it can boot the homeowner but I've only heard that mentioned when it was a woman against a man. 

in your YOU MUST SAVE FOR THIS ON MOVING fund needs to be a civil/family court lawyer

police won't so much (as far as I've seen) ask Marlene and Paul to stop opening mail addressed to me. they refused to help on a case of check fraud and countless mail fraud opening signing my name etc.

I have no doubt if someone with your social like a landlord were acting in malice it would be the same

aka I'm not sure saving money could even help when all the police apear to be after is domestic violence younger and more masculine parties regardless of who claims what or even recorded incidence and weapons and drugs. aka crimes that all pay in one way or another.

mind you they want in the door or on the property with the title peace officer and the here to help image.

other than crimes like that it's kinda like one pricelist on the sign above the register you order, go back to pay and they pull another price list from behind the counter. 

might aa well be blank. girl behind the counter shows it to you blank then says:

" it clearly says that's civil meal and a $100 see that * ? no no no up here look here see (still blank page) the justice burger can't be ordered seperately and telling me you did so made it the misdomeaner complaint combo. sir what they are doing to you might be on the board overhead but this list in my hand is what we go by and I find that silence and drule very threatening"

avoid this state if you value your life. Funny thing is I was at a place like this in Europe. When they pulled the price sheet up from behind the counter basically thank you with thank substituted for something choice turned on my heel only to find that I had a bouncer on each arm. 

Do you take Visa?

How do I report fraud on 32 years?  good place for the mash theme song. 


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