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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Moto e6

 $79 buys quite a bit of phone

despite the message on the back noting that the phone is only compatible with verizions prepaid service it activated just fine sticking a post paid sim in.

Verizion and American carriers in general would have distroyed sims if they had their way. Verizon is notoriously authoritarian with what devices are allowed on it's network regardless of hardware compatibility. In the CDMA 2000 days sprit phone's were out of the question usually for no other reason than we want more of your money.

Today they retain some of this. 2x I've stuck my sim in a found Verizon phone only to have my line frozen.

1st wash shame on me for not running the IMEI against the black list checker for lost or stolen. Second one I had wised up, the IMEI was clean but VZW still decided to deactivate service until I called and explained why I'd take something out of my phone and put it In another

 Aka it was a bit of a coin toss as to if this would work.

Now I'm already sure I will starve again at the end of the month while maple Grove   pd and St cloud pd enforce death in poverty by selectively non enforcing felony level multiple thefts and turning a blind eye to poisoning. While not caring one party claims to own the party being torcher before murder

 At least when I'm homeless in negative temps I will be able to livestream my suicide if the aforementioned posioning  and starvation doesn't do me in first.

Maybe revenge first, maybe set in place the slow burn type like a month after I'm dead.

Beyond the grave causing a few deaths isn't the way I want anything.

 but if it's be disfigurered and or dead after forced labor and isolation for years, physical assult and being told I'm owned..

If I'm going to die like this anyway... If you note the link bar on the right I've already started sharing info to enable others. Like how to create a electric igniter that works on low voltage batteries and can be controlled by wifi or Bluetooth. Bet people can have fun with that. Leave a crator for a legacy 😂

I keep shiting my guts out so it can't be long. Esp when conditions are as I've described elsewhere on this blog

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