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No Im Your Forced Dr and I say whats real. ( how crazy that is and why)

 Evidence be dammned, did you know I went to med school? I dont need evidence to prove you arnt being poisioned by zebras. I dont care what the fungi zebra expert has to say this badge say MD. I decide whats real and it doesnt matter that the symptoms arnt pressent and stoped when you left the environment. Now that ive asserted you have mental horses, here's a supisotry made for them to work on your brain. 

How dare you claim im projecting? if i say so you dont know what that word means and apeal to authority isnt a logical falacy. we dont need logic where im sending you. 


A paraphrase of 10 min with Dr. Boris at the U of M fairview Riverside inpatient psych ward. It should be noted that other than being pretty liberal with patient names and chart info in non staff areas on the ward the rest of the staff was far more kind and seemingly concerned with their patients treatment and outcomes. 

but its no wonder with what i saw and what ive read since... its no wonder why everyone name badge there is first name only.

I doubt ill fully cover it here but it sure seems psych is being used as a bypass to search and probable cause as well as criteria to detain. which is pr applied to prision and the prison gaurdes might make bonuses for drugging those detained. (rx kickbacks) mean while trust your doctor is the dogmatic mantra yet when it comes to mental health the DSM isnt written with objective criteria for diagnosis. it sure seems from what ive uncovered recently that the importants of not projecting is being down played in these potions as well. should be required by law if we allow them to take those potions at all. psych has a very awesome tenant possibly more awesome than david tennant as a dr.

 i personal find it among the brightest things humanity has come up with. its called informed consent. 

it doesnt matter that not every person will understand the condition and how it might change how they view the world. it does matter that not knowing those that could consider it or would learn what it is to consider it havent the ability to do so.

I recently ran into someone on a meme app in school to be a psychologist. she took an interest in my issues to the point she was direct messaging/private messaging me. but she would insist if i thought someone was stealing my things they were either bank repossessed or it was a delusion. shes also diagnosed skitzotypal. I only knew this because she had discussed it in public posts in the past.

the psychologist that by definition can not relate. this could be made safe if logic was stressed with not projecting except the powers like AMA and publications like DSM are playing games with things like the definition of delusion and moving away from objective evidence. 

almost all mental health care is run as a business. anyone who has had business ethics in college could tell you that you are taught: ethical actions of a business are to profit and the stake holders. notice patients are not on that list. there is a degree of doing harm would cause less patients. there is also the pr factor to cover that. 

I told her as ill tell anyone even with my laymen but beyond average understanding: if you are in the mental heath field and not conscious to your projection of your world view over objective reality your therapeutic value is 0 to negative. 

you will hurt people.

(edit: i think i corrected my psychology psychiatry swap when i first typed this, im aware of the difference (i even described it above) ive never been great at keeping which is which straight. the intended scope is actually more along the lines of mental health professional for most of what i reference anywhere on this blog but thats even worse to type out. )

humanity also knows financial incentive to act inethicly with out oversight is a bad combo and most psycologists ive seen work in close partnership with an NP or MD or your insurance only covers the 

in abstract related news, the FAA found that rigid structures of command take more lives then they save.

The DC 10 and crew that lead to implementing CRM should have crashed. it technicality landed and on a runway with absolutely 0 movable control surfaces. dc 10 was entirely dependent on hydraulics, there was no manual reversion/cables. the forces on the flight surfaces that size would have made them useless to dangerous anyway.  they figured 3 independent systems would never leave the plane with out hydrolics. they neglected to realize in the tail sections all the pipes passed with in inches for all 3 systems. Then UA Flight 232 had a tail engine blow a disk. The cover over the engines is designed to contain a single blade flying off, the disk is what holds all the blades, it was out matched by far. 

for the visual learners (source)

As fate would have it a piece of derbies severed all 3 lines. leaving those in the cockpit with moments to figure out what the fuck a barrage of probably every warning light on the plane meant while also discovering they had no flight control. all 3 lines severed meant no fluid in any of the redundant hydraulic  controls. 

what followed was a broad sided volley or artillery barge of sensory overload from cocpit error indicator lights and audible alarms. 

Which is also worth noting in regards to how police in Minnesota may treat you. As much as police and drs looking to give you problems will deny it; humans have known overload points and modern systems such as (iirc) the airbus and Boeing dream-liner even prioritize errors and malfunctions based on severity when displaying issues to the flight crew. 

Maple Grove Police will be censoring reports or not allowing them of felony level theft, physical assault and mail theft/fraud then ask why you cant manage your fiances. it seems to me they lack the ability to place themselves in another shoes/position/perspective and besides this being part of cluster b issues they are police/have great power. 

 this is dangerous when they can throw knees or bullets or selectively non enforce while you are starved and beat to shit. 

but the mail thing was funny, when any and everything can be stolen how do you manage finances at all? mail is supposed to be protected  to allow contracts with out traveling distances. to enable an adult to enter and maintain them. finances and bills via mail are part of that.

so when the officer who has just also heard that what was reported as me shoving my mom was her trying to push me over a railing and that said mom is also stealing mail...

well she can try to kill me and get me in trouble for it, she has all of my things and is taking my mail... cops censoring reports, i dont have to touch her to get in trouble for her trying to kill me... 

what am i suposed to do here take the mail back by force? fucking pig. 

police unable or unwilling to see from another prospective is dangrous when they can out right kill you and short of protests turned riots there is unlikely to be a firing let alone trial.

but while im again on the topic of maple grove police, the sensory overload bit is pretty relevant. go forward with it demonstrated anyone can do anything to you at any time and the police are here to lock you up for slipping verbally as a result or watch you die. this is close to the definition of insanity. to say its unreasonable would be an understatement by far. enough to merit 

whats more crazy is when police refuse to enforce multiple crimes that all could easily take and endanger a life, the law is also set to lock you up for not being able to care for yourself. this starts to edge towards law set to make you a slave one way or another. 

at the same time edu is pushing hard to redefine racism as only against minorities sexism as only against women. the side that was occupying wallstreet seems to have swallowed this hook line and sinker as well, which is sad but funny. 

even if its 100% white men with money and power (which its not) those with the 90% or more majority of the money are 1% of the population.  so if 1 man out of 100 has that money and power we are all responsible and systemic keeping women and majorities down with it and "systemic and systamatic"

we dont need to have meedings for systemic. its just systemic it is what it is and is cause they say it is. this must explain why i haven't goten the meeting memo. for a min i worried i just wasn't popular(actually last time i cared I wasnt popular was jr high and by sr high i had friends across almost if not all of the groups) its a dumb thing to care about but easy to fall to everyone wants to feel they fit and or are liked on some level.  

back to systemic...

no worries defining those terms or using them any differently than that. all men hate black and womens and oppress with systematic . 

im trying to highlight the insanity here. more so because i think its being used to distract and drive what Andy Stern called the race to the bottom. worse yet as the concept of slavery is usually only discussed with in the context of american past (in america) i think theres a bit of edging going on here... I think its very dangrous to have a populous belive its something that happened in the past only to one group and poof cause its illegal its gone, cause of skin it can never happen to you. i also think thats exactly what we are doing and focusing on opression of women and minorities and minutia or undefined boogie men like "its all racism always if they say so" is how we distract from it. 

how about the wage gap as an example? at a time when wages have long slipped compared to cost of living and inflation, some women might make 20 to 25 percent less some times and we dont care is that negotiated contract with less hrs that they themselves negotiated? doesnt matter END THIS INEQUALITY. 

lets say its a quarter and taxes arnt a thing $0.25 * 40 hrs a week * 4 weeks in a month * 12 in a year = $480 usd. 

mean while my more recent estimate is police are helping steal and destroy $42,000 of things i worked for and $6,300 in services rendered. but he said parents are involved and the mascilin pronoun is present. this equal person just needs to grow up and work more...

whats working for someone else against your will saftey and life span to take what you earn while you work again or end up dead or in a psych ward but working again is just to get back what you need while they take it again? what is that if not edging damn close to slavery?

what are police who seek to enable that fakatka Derek and or only go after crimes that generate gain for the department? slave drivers? profiteers? shouldnt you get something back for the taxes that fund them? shouldnt they have a benefit to the society they serve? 

This would seem to draw into question: why do we have police at all then? is your job to help and protect people or to privateer?

it would seem to be trending twords the later.  to make a living by only chasing or even creating crimes profitable.

it can be profitable to the police in two ways: some fedral and state laws are set so with some crimes they can take a persons property then auction it for profit, money on a person is considered property. in some cases and many states (not sure on exact mn statutes or that they matter with real oversight of the people enforcing) the property can be charged with a crime and its guilty till proven innocent. regardless of if the person is charged let alone convicted. see civil asset forfeiture. 

the other way police gone privateer can profit is federal grants (like those offered by the office of violence against women for certain arrests) seems to me with that in mind the real reason the man is almost always forced to leave on the claim of DV becomes more clear. Esp when you consider that by disrupting his life you actually increase the odds harm comes him him and or more anger results. I think science wont find any real reason to justify this and so far it hasnt. ie men and women might be socialized differently but 99.99999999999999999999999 percent the same when it comes to thoughts emotions,drives and experiences we can or may have (obviously excluding child birth). when it comes to likelyhood to be violent i think anyone can be pushed to violence and early childhood how mom and dad, mom and mom, dad and dad or...lets face it its mn, how mom and 5 to 20 boyfriends treated you or didnt. 

mn hunger experiment revealted that malnutrition and starvation are extreamly bad for mindset and cognition. bumping the man from their home ... i think at some level some of the police know exactly what they are doing by creating that hardship

also possibly relevant. npd and aspd predators are often said to hide their abuse behind social norms. heres looking at you maple grove police department!

whats really fucked on top of promoting likelihood of physical altercations against anyone let alone potentially 30% weaker females and doing it for pay after arresting the man... is how much trash and disposable life style this promotes. Esp at a time we talk too many people are trashing the earth. 

more fucked is your tax dollars prop up people who will rob you blind, help someone else do so and kill you or leave you for dead. if this is infact the reality i think i have a solution to finding a use for police in line with justice though:

limited time only in Minnesota the government is giving away free pork rib dinners. just dial 911 for delivery.  

Some butchering skills required. Quantity is extremely limited, maple grove only has 55 to go round. 

id say 50 because im partial to a few of them/wouldnt want to see that. only one ill name isnt involved in anything recent just one ive known since elementary school. maybe i wont name the putz. 

word has it this program might result in people of the jewish faith filing suite for discriminatory practices though. 

where was i?

this is the flighpath of the dc-10 sans flight controls. Why this flight ended up redefining the control structure of the cockpit was what happened after the plane was on the ground. 

almost every time they plugged the info into a flight simulator and put a different crew in to see how that crew would have handled it, the line ended at the top of the map right after the arrow marking engine failure. 

with out any movable control surfaces the plane does one of two things and tries to do them until its no longer a plane. 

it began to do the worse of the two right after the engine failure. one wing pitches up, the other down while the nose trends towards the ground and a few seconds later a wild and giant flaming lawn dart hits the ground. 

somehow they realized they had what i would call break steering (like on a CAT) but could use it for roll control. 
when i spell it out it probably seems simple, but remember while this is going on:

 this is having registered you are probably about to die 
so are a over 300 people behind you 
with all kinds of bells whistles and lights demanding your attention. 
lets say all the bells whistles and lights. all the warnings of all the bad things all the things demanding your limited attention. 
none of your usual control tools are doing what they usually do. 
you are moving across the earth at maybe 500 miles per hour and maybe 30,000 feet above the ground (i didnt look to type this part i just threw in speeds and altitudes normal for modern airliners. the dc 10 isnt a recent plane but fits that classification.) 

with none of the controls working and all that hell with moments to figure it out before death.

they figured out if they brought the engine on the high wing down to idle while putting the one on the low wing near max they had a shot.

the plane leveled out. 

the drag from idling the other is probably the only reason they were able to pull out. slamming both forward to full power would have likely been a faster lawn dart. 

most of the other crews(simulator after the fact) didn't recover from this event. 

what happened next is what really defined the changes, as well as the radio language and actions in the cockpit. A flight attendant let the cockpit know they had a check pilot for the dc 10 as a passenger and the captain asked him to come up to the cockpit. this was all at a time where pilot was basically to be regarded as god even to the co-pilot.  In his actions that day as preserved by the cockpit voice recorder and radio transmission Haynes defy-ed these norms. The co and check had figured throttle control for controling what happens next/the other thing the plane does with out flight controls. picture a sine wave only its your altitude and you also have to worry about if your nose is up or down/pitch. thats hard enough to control. once they got that they were already on to trying to figure managing that and trying to turn the plane. its not like it goes away while you turn either. 

 the captain was by all rights able to say my plane im taking over at any point. he didnt do this. even in the radio transmissions his wording is always "we" 

 they not only flew as far as the map shows when almost no other team in the simulator survived.

 they lined up  to a runway and landed on it. with a sink rate that punched the nose gear some 10ft into the earth after it obliterated the tarmac. 184 survived 112 died. before this incident every total loss of flight control in an airliner was a 100% death rate. 

no other crew in the simulator was able to even line up to a runway. 

the crew of the actual flight just about preformed a normal landing. the 2nd thing ive mentioned the plane does (sine wave vertically) hit at the last moment on their decent. 

its not as if any of them was unaware of any of the craziness at the time either. heres a bit of the radio transcript and cvr:

As they tried to find the airport Haynes to ATC :
Haynes: "Whatever you do, keep us away from the city."

Fitch: I'll tell you what, we'll have a beer when this is all done.
Haynes: Well I don't drink, but I'll sure as hell have one

Sioux City Approach: United Two Thirty-Two Heavy, the wind's currently three six zero at one one; three sixty at eleven. You're cleared to land on any runway.

Haynes: [laughter] Roger. [laughter]  You want to be particular and make it a runwayhuh?" 


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