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Thursday, December 31, 2020

No Phone

 gonna lose my mind. phone screen broke a few days ago. now it wont even make calls from the car via Bluetooth. 

laptop battery is long shot. 

Im alone with fungus gnats mold and Clyde in the freezer.

not much else in this apt and what i have is on the floor. 

if i dare say violent things about those poisoning me, those who have physically assaulted me, those who repeatedly steal felony amounts...

thefts have made it impossible to use the vacuum or run an air filter i built to use cheap hvac filters that are actually cost effective. 

i'm arrest able while police wont allow reports for me. 

gee i wonder why people commit random acts of mass violence?

I've got a good idea for a Katy Perry parody though:

I killed a cop just to try it, i hope the da dont mind it. 

2nd verse, i killed a pig just to fry it, chef boyardee? I couldnt find it

relax, minnesota has privateers, no actual peace officers would be harmed. 

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