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Sunday, December 20, 2020

npd and parents video

 a friend sent me this. the two faced nature ie very true but also easy to mistake for someone expressing uncertainty or normal behavior. I think looking for it in others you have to also consider if action match words and when they don't was the outcome potentialy or actually harmful wasteful boundary violating etc. if venting what was the tone and is it a possible miss understanding or does it seem harming is the motive? 

also for those unaware narcissism is a continuum they claim some is healthy and there's levels up to full personality disorder.

I don't doubt this but in more than I can cover starving on filthy matress with Clyde in freezer at some point I think thst deserves more expansion. 

adding that here because I didn't hear them differentiate so far. npd was defined in like 1960s but extream narcissists or the narcissist was first described by Sigmund Freud around the turn of 1900.

Otherwise a lot of what I've heard so far listening to this very good at describing

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