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npd brain damage and gender

 some pop psych likes to push that npd is something it's more likely men have. usualy while also claiming genetic causation.

with out a full argument I think it's nesicarly to point out that with other diseases or imparements of the mental variation it's been pointed out that due to the efforts to empower women traits of any given issue are likely more associated with positives than the potentially pathology they may be indicicative of.

Which if you swallow the line on genetics might be less of an issue. if you realize that complex traits are rarely purely genetic and epigenetics has rendered this binary view still capatalized on as largely obsolete.. we begin to see there's a great deal of potential harm in this view. 

if you find the data indicating that cluster b disorders may be entirely transmisable parent go child via nurture or lack there of and put any faith in it.. you should see a real issue here. 

as far as I know the strongest known mechanism to preventing parents of either gender from harming their offspring (or anyone) is social taboo. followed by functional sympathy empathy and conscience. followed by (at least early on) oxytocin bonding. theres some indication the last factor may also be disabled in those with npd and or bpd.

the claim of brain damage is beginning to be more substantiated 

if I recall correctly executive function lives in the prefrontal cortex and gray matter in this context would maybe associate gun at person no. lacking the standard amount the link between that and in general harms or the actions that may harm another would be impared. 


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