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Sunday, December 27, 2020

npd parents not mentioned

 not sure how common this is. I haven't seen it mentioned to this extent.

they try to make sure I have absolutely nothing. 

they do so for their mistakes with their house that already made me sick 

while doing so they are harming my ability to stay current or even process the loss of pets I cared for, my friends my pets my pstd companions. They literally hold Bonnie's ashes hostage will making sure I don't have even a flat surface to fucking write on.

But while doing so they do stick things like tell me they don't know that I ever did anything they have never seen me work even though I've worked for people that I found on my own I've also worked for their coworkers doing I T support doing web design. I've worked for North Dakota State University and what they are doing is incredibly dangerous and harmful. In the legal context they have demanded I pay them back for stuff I already paid for the first time they hold it hostage they threaten it to use the legal system as a weapon which is another violation of criminal law

but then people insist they wouldn't do that. it's beyond sick. I fear for where we're going. There's probably some elements of me projecting in that or inability to separate my own situation but at the same time I know it's not entirely that. Cluster B traits are being normalized corporate psychology tells you it's genetic. No attention is being paid through learning on learning basically anything in till you're too fucked up to function in extreme cases. Meanwhile the mild cases have the damage that creates the my worldview must be reality for you... or damaged construct of others and object permance. ie the us seems to have a shit ton and a half of adults who insist their interpretations of things are how it is and it couldn't be another way

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