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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Objective explicit criteria


Isn't modern Justice based on standards of evidence?

police claim cryptic things suggesting if yo accept a sock at Xmas after turning 18 no violations of law parent to age of majority adult apply 

And then like me you might if you're lucky, cross the fact that Minnesota has won the least defined emancipation of minors laws that there is. Oh sure it might be somewhere in federal lot but I n experienced the police have no interest in enforcing that

What the problem is without that definition if that isn't an excuse if that's truly what's going on how do I know I have reached the point where I have any protection or any of these laws apply to what another third-party that happens to be my parents might do to try to end my life or leave me on the street with nothing due to illegal act how do I reach that point if that point is not defined? If I reach it how do I hold onto the evidence of it if police can act on hearsay

It seems to be potentialy a lot of things but it's pretty hard to argue the is nothing party a could do to party b th that would impair the ability to reach civil court let alone impare their ability to maintain healt

And if the criteria is as ambiguous as you want to accepted some th ing the real Point becomes where is the exact definition of what I need to be able to prove so these laws that protect life actually applied?

How much do I have to earn for how long? is a pair of socks at Xmas equal to ownership again? if so how long?

What amount on the flip side do I have to give to literally be able to own and execute someone? I have absolutely no interest in that but I just like an official comment from the state

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