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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Odd Jobs dont cut it

 Police in maple grove continues to enable bio terrorism and theft to the point of starvation. 

I did an odd job to eat yesterday and though its abundendtly clear to me lets spell it out, spending 20 on the parts to finish, plus the gas required and no ability to store food or cook food from ingredients due to police not allowing reports while someone baicly human traffics me...

120 I gone and I cant get back to finish the job. 

essentially I'm held hostage while 40k ish of things I worked to pay for are destroyed and the person who claims to own me ensures I starve and am malnurished. 

paul the child molester has also verbatim said " I need control because I want control" . "I decide what hurts you" and "I own you" 

when police wont allow reports of felony level theft and destruction of property, theft of services, or assault its a bit disingenuous to claim slavery is outlawed or directly state "its not illegal to say you own someone" 

6.3k of services stolen equals a 43 k ish reward of the police helping you steal and destroy that much property in maple grove mn. coming soon to a dystopian police state near you. 

in mn you are free to walk away from everything you worked for, despite it sometimes dropping bellow negative 30 f or that this would be grounds for an emergency medical/psych hold. yeah...free...


remember even if the police wont do anything over the theft and you end up starving, you have to work ...work sets you free duh. 

work with out food sets you free even faster. 

repeat after me:

"no matter what the donnerpartycooking.pdf says 911 is not a pork ribs delivery service" 

worth noting long periods of mal nutrition play hell on the immune system and mind. 

mn is set to cause what kills you and or the emotional instability it justifies locking you up for. avoid this state, possibly this nation

if police were educated in the psych used to justify detainments here...it would be pretty clear they have participated in causing complex pstd. 

yet screaming in public or my apt while recalling clydes death or the futility ...reason to detain

also of note: federal reports indicate police culture looks down on mental issues. 

further crazy, police aren't require/dont face a psych eval to become police. 

remember if maple groves derp fuhrers says deh is dah master race. spit spit spit right in the fuckerts face. 

then the police can beat a 3 year malnurished assaulted and robbed person to death and this is over. 

easy to get there with out money. not hard to do a drive off gas and go when you plan on being dead. a lot less likely and harder to sans police stop someone with comparatively unlimited (next to 0 while human trafficked ) disposable income from following or you from escaping.

but hey police that enable it are here to ensure you die from it. 

heil heil heil right in derp fuckers face.

in other news did you hear there's this new game all the corupt cops are playing? started as a youtube challenge, rack a round in your semi auto with a full clip. place fun end in mouth and see if you can empty the clip before hitting the floor. 

the prise you win is restored morality 

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