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oligarcial tech compition control

 bio deversity is sometimes discussed. almost always in the context of we are losing it. that's likely the truth. I think just as big an issue is neuro cognative diversity seems to be the oposite of anyone I've encountereds concern.

when I was in k-12 we were introduced to the theory of evolution, survival of the fittest and then for a brief moment this concept of social Darwinism was dangled.

almost as if as a hook. around the time I was finishing up elementary school (years kindergarten, 1-6 for non US readers)  one of the rockafellers was in front of the un talking about the need to limit and or reduce the human population.

that might also be true. they probably have better data than I could find if I dedicated all my time to it. that said I think they probably knew about 100 years prior or more that this issue was coming. 

I though, what would one need to predict that? well a general idea of the population over a few periods consistent periods would help pinpoint where we are on the.. mwwit when was the model they taught in school surmised? 

turns out something like 1836 was when the exponential growth formula was deduced. 

the uk had a census as early as 1801 and the first us census was 1901. 

by the time the us had taken its first there had been nearly 30 years of transatlantic telegraph as well. which is important because the ability to share or comunicate less and less crucial ideas probably opens up as communication becomes faster and more reliable. ie getting a scroll by ship to anyone who might find it of concern on the other side... vs instantly Morse coding it... 

realisticly I think by 1910 ere would have been a good idea that earth pop was about to explode

 I reference Marlene Wuethrich claiming I suffer their mold  because I won't get allergy tested  quite a bit. and once again her rediculous in saying that is relevant. she caught my amoxicilin allergy when I was in elementary school (k-6).

if it wasn't clear in 1910 it should have been abundantly obvious in 1929,Mary's%20Hospital%20in%20London.

this is because sir Fleming single handedly droped the mortality rate with a piece of bread and an observation of what the mold on it did to a colony of bacteria. aka antibiotics are mold.

now people who would have died young from injury and infection were living to reproduce.

the above is the terms kids today are probably taught. 

so how does this tie in? in the uk the royal family might have given power to parlement but between them and those who must not be named child's as far as I can see most of the land is owned by them.

across the pond and starting late 1800s rose the guided age power families. the Carnagies Rockafeller, Mellons, Vanderbilts, Morgan's etc.

What many don't realize is just about every AXA with x being medical dental etc. American Medical Association was founded by grants from these families. As was the school board system for compulsory education in the us.

saying it enabled them total control would be a streach. I think it's equaly foolish to rule out that the occasional no questions asked favor wasn't possible as well.

the reader will have to decide how much for themselves.  what I'm getting at though is once you understand this you might begin to see how this system might be used to ensure a supply of workers that have little to no odds of shaking up your domination.

or worse yet how Suttle nudges to how children are educated and what they learn  while the parents absorb comerical news often by the same parties could equate to a lesser but still real version of mind control. not so much the sci fi version of total control but shaping the beliefs of the commoners in how they interact with one another bond or war.

the evidence this is happening is found in the rockafeller media studies, the works of Sigmund Freud's nephew Edward Burnaise and institutions like The Travistock Clinic.. which our side sensationalized garbage also is useful for optimization as much as purpose

I'm again not suggesting anything good or bad rather that this exists and is being done to a level. that it has positive purpose as well

I'd love to not talk about it but everything I've worked for and soon my life is being taken so in absence of being able to have what I earned do what others paid mebor what I enjoy, here I am. 

the issue I see is on realizing the earth's carrying capacity might be overshot how were the avaliable channels of controls applied?

more so carying capacity is a tech function as much as an inate. 

economics also teaches scarcity drives profit. 

if profit/money is power then how much is a suppression of things that may increase the carrying capacity at the expense of the current powers that be remaining?

it seems as I found out law enforcement pretty much enforces parental ownership of offspring often against modern concepts of justice and psychology and or even protecting life.

it's far more the norm to have to take a loan or quality for scholarship to afford post secondary 

Europe is way earlier set on what they call tracks. ie pick what you do the rest or most of your life early. 

us we fill kids heads with or used to.. be anything you want. 

here in lies the rub. not all of the great minds we remember today did great in school. not every in enter turned million or billionair even had a college degree. some changed the world and died penyless (Tesla)

how much of that do we lose when parents can destroy their adult offspring with the aid of law enforcement and things like social Darwin ism encouraging the pop to see it just how it is?

ill try to come back and flesh this out more later 


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