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Criminals and Deadly Police

  Not all of Maple Grove Police deserve this. Overall the department is like elementary school bully except guns and badges. 

part of the issue is most definitely our culture. 

I would think it should be seen as pretty serious to seperate someone zero notice from their pets. pets that were pstd therapy companion animals. pets that were elderly. pets that I loved. Pets that were sick. 

Maple Grove had 0 concern for this. no one asked once including the day Bonnie died and after being in the drive way then dealing with the SS. I sat in the cub lot silent staring into space unable to even be with Clyde. I sat there a couple hours. 

My parents might have killed her. they did everything they could to make it seem that way. later when Clyde died with Paul still holding her ashes and having pretended to lose them.. he wants Clyde to have an autopsy which is not something offered for Bonnie. I have the call they told me she was sick. both are horror show nasty   I have the ride to st cloud recorded. I had no say in it. when all the sudden with in 15min maybe 20 what they had said was a couple hrs appointment was all the sudden be there in 5. I had to run to hotel shower and set phone down after telling EXTREAM ABUSER Paul give her pineapple if u have it. I didn't realize I didn't hit hang up and was on speaker. when Pale did 


About as I had soap in my hair. this continued despite me screaming from hotle bathroom 



two days before the likely illegal forced by cop to ambulance emergency medical hold he had done similar. I dropped the phone under the seat in a near panic attack because both Paul Wuethrich and Marlene Wuethrich (CNP, Children's St Paul) arnt just button pushers they are psychotic abusers that will verbally slap elyou 7 ways at once. they ask questions they know the answer to avout things they caused give conflicting commands and need the sky is blue explained like rocket science. raise your voice they can't hear you or understand screams even if it's a topic covered more times than he has years and what he or she caused. even if emailed texted and entirely of their design 

stay completely calm silence for arbitrary once child touching period. 

"hello?" ×

a variant it loudly they set rhe phone down. 

another varient is come back and just hang it up.

i wish they would hang themselves. 

I digress. this wouldn't be an issue other than I had extreamly important work to do that wasn't the work I took on when Marlene would make anything I needed and a 3rd party paid for disappear. to be found in trash, garage basement moldy carpet. out in rain and snow. 

while moving back in they took a battery powered vac from my car and I'm assuming trashed it. 

but then right after Bonnies death they give me a moldy car back and take Marlenes decent at that point minor irritant for long periods car. (later I'd find back side of head liner was the issue)(sunroof drain tubes plugged) (but paul wuethrich made sure snow blew through the vents before lease started on forced apt) 

in taking the car back while I was at stay bridge they managed to take the charger and all attachments for the Ryobi stick vac I had purchased to be responsible in rooms and keep car clean. marlebe had no concern over opening my door while I lived there. despite claiming to be my landlord and the 6.3k of services rendered for them. Marlene would follow me if I left the room. Marlene would go into the room to find stuff to throw away move hide etc if I was gone for 10min. point is by the first day at hotels I was in desprate need of privacy. the stick vac made sense for keeping crap from car and self cleaning rooms. 

I ocassionaly borrowed house keeping vacs as well. 

after Bonnie died they take car with it charger attachments for new stick vac. all the sudden I get tipped off on that Friday that the hotel gm is all the sudden concerned I'm molding up their hotel and probably wants to come in. so concerned he intended to do so Monday... right... 

like a day after they took the car but surprise we lost charger and attachments for new vac and something like 7 hrs just being told they found it nope that's not it. 

they had already taken and thrown away another cheaper battery vac. 

for point of reference this is after they had their mold house remediated but only by a few weeks. it was confirmed 11mo before and gaslit the entire 8 mo before lock change and 3 up to mental ward.. still is sometimes. dayi got out they sent pictures of 50x8 ft wall ripped out 1500 carpet and pad. the deck was removed from other side. 

they made sure I got a mental diagnosis for the problem I alerted them to in 2014 that continues to be used to make me sick. 

they did so while paying to fix it. 

it was caused by how they finished their house when I was in 5th to 8tg grade(like 2001 it was mostly done) 

fuck u incest cretins. 

I'm still dealing with it. they put my stuff from mold basement into 3rd garage stall where much is still held unless Marburg hemeragic children's neonatal cnp threw it away. 

I fucking want to be dead if this keeps up. they violate every level and law. 

so yeah I may post the video of hotel manager. the halarious bit in the convo was when I pointed out I had been there several months earlier and if I was at risk of spreading it I would think that room would have indicated it by now. he was being freak psycho till that bit. I could see it on his face he recognized a substantial point. 

few min earlier I had gone for breakfast my key expired and he wouldn't even let me return to the room wirh out him with.. like I said so concerned a bird told me Friday but... waits all weekend to pull that? 

it doesn't matter who paid for the room. at least biz law professor says so. cruise ship tickets were his example I was the name on it and entitled to the treatment as if I paid.  nope. 

 cambria BTW 

at all of the hotels Paul would come in and pay in person. I can't say for sure but it seemed so he could be in my space or make his fucking molester presence known. 

he continued short bookings even after the realization tax drops after 30 days. he might have known. he would indicate incorrect dates and the games like steal my id from the car, the vaccum loss of Bonnie jumping hotel to hotel. he knew I had liability in the work I picked up but almost every day he found a way to add stress. I was spending savings bonds for gas and food. 

back to mgpd and culture:

putting someone away from everything they worked for to on the street 0 notice on here sat is not Allright. this is mn u can freeze to death. also I didn't live there for about 10 years moved back in. that should not be legal 

oh well let's cover it wirh totally destroying his life allowing him repeatedly fellony level burgled to terrorizes and poisoned while they claim to own him and officer mmmbop is telling me THEY DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING. not wanting any details contradictory to his delusional may be deadly iq and personality inparement. 

I'm not a doc or psych. I'd bet he's nod aspd or bpd. strongest bet is npd

they go under diagnosed. I have identified 3 bpd people in the past. I've actually yet to bring it up with someone who wasn't. not saying I'm an expert in saying I'm pretty good with emotional eq and or applying what I study on my own. 

Maple groves force has a few upstanding and a lot of netural officers. problem is the likes of Hanson dominate. 

BTW I mentioned pstd therapy. my dad had an qoeitic aneurysm in 04. I know they said I never worked but surprised I got let off of one or two jobs that I had it that time 3 hours early the day he would have died. We beat my mom to  North memorial by 3 hours.

I had realize he was pointing the cordless phone at the TV. 

with my foot on the stairs to go to my basement room at age 16. I gave him aspirin while calling 911. 

i put Cosmos cat in the master bedroom grab the phone book pocketed the phone to cordless phone because I knew it had additional numbers

 i was trying to find his pulse while waiting for the ambulance.  Not only and I helped convert Marlins overhead St nursing curriculum to PowerPoint. Maybelline her to keep her job and furthering my medical knowledge oh, I had also have basic Aid training I believe babysitter training which also touched on first aid at that point I think one or two other community center classes. Maybe something for Boy Scouts I don't remember.

But the other point is Marlene is a Luddite. She didn't have a cell phone at that point or I would have simply called it.

instead I wrote a note for my mom. 

a mgpd officer was first to respond then north ambulence

my dad was screaming for Marlene while being put on the streacher. 

 from the ambulance I had the  foresight to call my friend's dad. I had realized that a note probably isn't the way you want this message.

 Mark Case was available and I'm still grateful . My mom arrived back at 8043 some 2 and a half hrs later to him with the news. 

Diane Beeach(family friend) was first to the er. her husband Joe died in 2018. my mom made sure I didn't make the funeral 

Maybe he would have survived either way I sincerely doubt it. I don't normally like saying it like that they are literally killing me though I never got any like public recognition for it I never wanted it but this is fucking sick. They are literally destroying every aspect of my life and the Maple Grove Police have been participating more so once they realize they might have screwed up this is sick. I've known military and law enforcement officers are the first people that would put a gun to the door at a knock at the wrong time of night. So what the fuck are you doing helping someone steal and destroy a person let alone a year of your salary? That's like a decade sentence and I was in line pretty good chance at having $100,000 a year job in California now I'm being told I'm   owned while I'm stalked poisioned and  starved.wirh Clyde in freezer. empty shit hole apt. 

Comparison to the SS is pretty apt because I'm the last of my family. You're wiping out a fucking family line you nasty ass holes I know I don't have nice things to say about you I won't change my language unless you want to let me take 60 Grand of your stuff. My estimate right now without even a desk to do it on roughly $43,000 just in stuff I worked for plus the six $23,000 of services rendered over 8 months. You're telling me all that Sybil I bet if I was in your house you have a gun to my face. If you want to put it in your mouth full the trigger till it goes click you might guess. If you want to beat me he might guess I mean show the world someone you've created a situation where they're malnourished to outright starved for days at a time will someone tell them they owned them and you want to paint me as violent I hope you beat me I hope I can spit blood on your face before I die. I'd rather you own up to your mistakes rather than try to put me away for your fucked up. There is literally nothing that could have been helped or didn't risk my life to the extreme about this what did it risk for you promotion? You should be tried for treason even if I do all the felonies. You're overlooking three felonies with the amount stolen and destruction of property the services are a felony amount even if you subtract what would have been rent you won't even allow the fact that she tried to push me over a railing on the report. Maple Grove PD might as well be Nazi Germany SS. Maple Grove Police Department hurts people

only very slight recognition of personality disorders or that play that one of two parties 

. At first it was kind of understandable but the more I think about it I don't have a record to indicate anything other than I don't have a record in 30 years. They took for Batum that I have never worked when my parents told them that no one told me that that's what I was facing. I've been very much work. Their actions that made that increasingly difficult to prove. 

What makes it totally Unforgivable... 

when this started I was 30 with 0 record indicating I had ever been violent. 

I still haven't been both of them have v dwell

 have recordings indicating call and reports are used as weapons and falsified to be used as Weapons he responded they might be liable if that went on record but then the unforgivable part is they continued do this day continue to enforce the life threatening behavior. Police like this should be gone they aren't peace officers they are terrorists they are thieves they create the problem they then say we need them to solve. I have no doubt if the turpins lived in Maple Grove God help them either way


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