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Monday, December 28, 2020

Parents try to kill adult son over mistwkes

But it where is there a willing to settle for disfiguring and or disabling as well destroying might be inapplicable understatement

They commit crimes to endanger my life, life span makes sure I have no ability to live up to commitments when all evidence indicates I had .

They tell me they've never seen me do things that if honest their coworkers could confirm I did 10 years ago and that was bi far the minority of my it support clients 

I thought myself concepts of EE then uv lithography made working circuit boards intended for my own products some as services and contracted by others 

But predatory Minnesota government and police.  Espicilly in maple grove mn. Help ensure I die after literally being told I'm owned , assaulted pretty mulch abducted while I couldn't leave their house yet  when I said fuck you to my mom I was all the sudden to be her vent about her sex life while they both stole my keys even on my birthday when friends from st cloud had invited me to their new house

A few weeks earlier my dad had wanted me to be his emotional crutch because sometimes bi weekly trips to the bar with two different friends groups like 12 large social events that year wasn't enough for him be feels empty.m

So naturall

Maple grove police teams up with expert incest mind fucking incest abusive  murderers to help them finish the story.

Cuz like hey if he loses it he's an excuse to hire more predo department officers at worse and job security for the crematorium

Maybe in between he's state sponsored and co raped so bad its essentially the stated giving large medical corps welfare for having mental health services

Some police have seemed against whats going on the departments in st cloud and maple grove overall though seem to act to cover each other's backs and endanger life and property while they and paul wuethrich and marlene wuethrich endanger sanity life limb reason to be alive and corrode all good because they project what they can't apply to themselves 

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