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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Paul the predofile

 why is he a made up word? likely the same reason the head of the mn police union has been called a doo doo head.

aka likely concerns over defamation. Hawkeye Pierce aka Alan Alda once said "you can't sue someone for definition of character" but times tend to change and in Minnesota police who outright execute citizens rarely face prosecution so the kindergarten label of the head of that union might be such for fear of more than a civil suit. 

Paul did fancy the joke that once upon a child was the slogan for someone he handled the arbitration of while working as a public school bus driver and the Union Stuart between isd281 and seiu local 284

in my experiance that might have been a brag

police refuse to allow on record confessions of recurrent fellony level thefts or that Paul and Marlene use falsified police reports as weapons. 

meanwhile I'm blowing this out 

this spread to my apt 

from 9 mo forced labor on this 

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