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Monday, December 28, 2020

Phone Screen Broke

 nothing better than being totaly cut off from everything and unable to back up or send in the phone despite owning a lot of hardware to even do it myelf

police in Minnesota and specifically a town called maple grove Minnesota will act on hearsay of parents and on finding out it might have been a lie and or left them liable while endangering the life and property of another...

well whats a good guy gov do? not this. 

if you want to add to the pile of evidence this is insane. this phone is on their account. i really wanna see it televised when police in mn harrased trafficking victims for why are you dependant. afaik paul is paying for insurance on this phone. 

paul said it was my phone though maple grove police will tell you its not your call if someone hit you or not and cenor report to the point everything is civil except the year and a half forced labor death of two pstd therapy animals 6 day stranded OFP ...

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