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Friday, December 11, 2020

Police Make Mistakes

 I make mistakes you make mistakes we are all pretty fucking error prone as a species.

police are no different despite a statisticly higher rate of domestic/ intimate partner violence and likely above-average representation of aspd NPD and BPD (positions of power over others) 

What is not OK is police doubling down on a mistake or even continuing path.

I'm really starting to wonder what my record with maple Grove looks like. as far as I know besides 2018 on there really isn't one. 

If I recall correctly I haven't been issued so much as a speeding ticket in that city. which is where the vast majority or of civil and police records I am aware of... like 99 percent my right foot is heavy. 

how the heck does maple Grove all the sudden justify not only buying my parents lies but then allowing them to take and destroy everything I owned and needed for a path I invested literal years in let alone everything ever given?

like October 2019 they did not want and probably did not out on record the fact reports have been falsified as weapons.

what I need gone is the bio weapon 

try this from my point of view as an officer. 

.hey remember  that time you were an only child who had been absent the family home for the majority of 12 years then it contaminated your apt when your cat from way back when got sick?

yeah that sucked huh? makes a lot of sense the police then decided your paprnts could claim to be your land lord physically assult you three times while demanding 6.3k skilled services preformed for profit in the past for a 150 usd a month room then change the lock 8 m later 0 notice.

isn't it wonderful how they made sure despite u detecting the mold issue your stuff got contaminated then put in garage stall when house was professionaly remediated?

shouldn't you enjoy working yourself up while they force labor and steal more fellony amounts. 

don't you love your pets ashes threatened? how about living with another pet in the freezer.

hey bro do you love it when your mom who attempts to hamiliate you at every end is taking keys throwing your stuff away trying to keep u there screaming leave and wanting you to be her emotional support for her dissatisfaction with her sex life?

how about when an officer doesn't understand how long it takes to rebuild credit and cash purchased items equalingost of a years pay?

how about when what you need for a half decent job is on a computer then stolrnlen

no but in mns imfansnt incesttism I get the civil abuser label on top of it. 

hey calli wanna new home for ma and pa Turpin? we will probably give them the keys to the state. 

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