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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

psychopath says...


this is my leased dsl modem. board got cleaned off with isolpropal alcohol Jan 2020 when ravioli hit it and I had to desolder one of the rf cans/ Faraday's cages as well (short under it they made their mold bio warfare.

actually about April 2020 there was so much growth the fucking thing quit working till I rinsed it wirh iso again 

they make sure I don't even have an air or vacum filter after 9mo forced labor dragging that shit in here

meanwhile before and after ofp the police won't allow confessions to fellony level theft, using police reports as weapons or attempted murder on the record sometimes they won't allow a report at all

but even before ofp and after knowing they were lied to they had no qualms ordering me off public property Infront of a house 43k of my stuff is being destroyed in and 6.3k of unpaid services were rendered in

I left that house in 2006 spent 45 days in Europe then 8 years in Fargo. 

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