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Repeatedly steal and poision. PAUL I NEED MY FUCKING BASIC LIST

 while police refuse reports and ask why you can't care for yourself

yeah bro we just decided that after 16mo bleeding with wounds all over 6 in hotels the death of 3 pets and year in an empty apt with 9 spent on pointless to impossible labor under threat

... well why can't you care for yourself?

oh hey let's add a bunch of theft by same party poisoning and claiming to own you

763-439-1215 if you want to give Paul a pice of your mind. this I know is against the past in my forced absence 0 record of violence to now abuser despite them both being physical with me..

if the police arnt going to enforce repeated fellony thefts for entire time before or after or allow a report to include murder let alone an investigation.. 

mn can put me in jail if they want or kill me this isn't a life. 

I'm breathing their mold still I can't cook a damn meal I have Clyde in the freezer in like 3 years alone or abused. I've had Bonnie and Clyde since 2007 I can't even mourn them

2016 apt. 

their house nov 2018

me a few months ago. better out than in right? Between deep grief and sorrow no purpose in life no nutrition no sunlight for really 3 years and all of my kitchen stuff still on hold most of my stuff in general still being destroyed I can barely make it up one flight upstairs anymore let's not go to the doctor the doctor doesn't fix that. Being able to own my things so I can cook meals if the police are going to tell me I have to work every time somebody wants to steal my things then the best thing that's going to happen is my body's going to have an odor that alerts people to the fact that it's no longer. A heartbeat. If someone can repeatedly steal or other individuals repeatedly steal from the same person and the police are going to tell them tough luck even when they know who it is I'm not going to be a  slave. 

I can't even sit on this bed without fungus gnats attacking me. Dad you're sick piece of shit you caused this you and Mom it's neither one of your faults I don't really care about that accept it was decisions you made with your house it made me so if you over hurt you go what the fuck is wrong with you what the fuck is right with you 

Haven't been able to see friends go on a bike ride do anything other than what the fuck the fucking freak who says he owns me and needs control because he wants control the fucking freak who the fucking freaks with badges give control of like best estimate right now 50 Grand 20 other cash 20 of a credit of my things and at the time my living rabbits

Haven't been able to work on anything other than is the car done yet why don't you get more done every time you tell him to listen sexy created for you and he just ignores it or makes it impossible love you. I do not ask to be born you've admitted you're competing with me you sick sadistic should be dead piece of shit. The biggest mistake in my life was not going downstairs when I saw you pointing the fucking antenna at the TV from the cordless phone thinking it was a channel changer in 2004

Paul if you're reading this give me the fucking stuff on that list so I can at least filters you're pathetic fucking failure out of the air here you fucking sadistic asshole


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