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Monday, December 21, 2020

Spoting Emotional Child Abuse


mn is kinda nasty wirh it's polocies. I'd go down right predatory to slave labor and rights enfringing. though it's the gov so esp when people end up empathy fried predatory is as gov that I should call other wise does.

I just don't care they've taken everything and given it to people who literlay claim to own me then let them steal repeatedly. 

mn preys on the worst of the worst. 

have the courage to stand up for a kid if you see this. 

I was at Walmart in 2018 and at one point 2 boys happened to be walking by. it was kinda late for kids maybe 1am so they stood out. as an only wirh parents that crept out the door and a need to force socialization on my part I usualy hear convoys around me. 

I heard one say to the other 

"it's been a while we should go find mom"

few min later there was a page over the intercom. I figured.. context wise it was for them.

I was at weld check when they were about done and the mom just laid into them. 

as polite as I could I said "hey I'm not taking sides, just so u know they were walking by me a bit before what I'm assuming was a page for them and( I pointed) he said to him let's go find mom"

she was  dumb struck and having now paid I said "have a good night" turned and left.

I'm sure some of it was trying to figure out how I guessed the page. 

helped I worked target in maple Grove and Plymouth. they even have a code for lost kids (or had back mid 2000s)

I won't spill the beans on what the radio call for elves snow flakes or candy canes means though 😂

please don't forget there is not one kid alive today who asked to be here.

another thing they might want is time to organize their thoughts. I asked my 5th grade teacher for this verbatim once. 

it was like constructive a b time idk maybe c. few pre approved tasks we could do. I asked instead if I could put my head down and just organize my thoughts. 

years later another article like this one.. 

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