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merry police state and a happy suicide

 another Xmas hungry with Clyde in the freezer

in several week warn clothes 

 no working vacuum or air filter 

not a dish in cupboard. 

no drivers side window. 

no TV, no furniture 

mold from parents possible sclap and sinus infection. it was fine at hotels. it was the 9mo forced labor that did me and this apt in. false promises to make sure I didn't replace basics after force red relocation

not a moral or ethical fiber with In police department though some officers may be the exception. 

I start the car with the garage closed these days. 

you want cruel and unusual gov punishment? 

police forcing a emergency medical hold where a doc decides expert confirmed mold and multiple types of bugs from visable to noseeem are fake

worse yet that was 3mo into having left Paul and Marlenes house for what was suposed to be 2 weeks only to be locked out about a week and a half in with Marlene saying don't call or come round anymore.

despite Bonnie and Clyde and all my things were there 

despite I hadent lived the since 2014 and before that 2006.

this state is really sad. what worries me is it may be contagious. here's a convo with a girl online

lol I wasn't going to say it but she admits it here and publicly mentions her diagnosis elsewhere. but it's extreamly to the point because she's an extream of what I see happening. 

she's going to school to be a psychologist. 

she's diagnosed skitzotypal

she literlay cannot relate to those she will attempt to help and if u read the rest of the currently backwards order convo.. she projects her world view with absolute instance I must be sick because I don't fit it. 

I told her that her therapeutic value will be less than 0 of she can't seperate that out. her value to a state may still stand. I've seen they often work close to a med Dr or np who can rx and basicly rxes as recommended 

the shocking thing is how common this is though. Im assuming it's sometimes done to taunt, sometimes as a normalization tactics by groups pushing their interests sans you knowlege, but the more common reason is people are seeing ehwg they want to not what's there. I know because unless they have been watching me sleep I've been incredibly alone 

people almost demand that I never left home, never had an income.  I probably made more money between 16 and 20
 Then some of my peers would until they were 24.. 

We are helping destroy everything bought on credit and everything bought on cash I moved back into my parents at 8:30 turned out their house St did it by spreading there mold problem to my apartment. Unrelated to mold I prefer I performed $6,300 minimum in services do I perform professionally in the past for them after my mom said she was my landlord if you round up quite a bit to be overly safe the room that I had there could have cost $150 a month. It was eight months before they zero notice changed the lock. Even with rent subtracted that is theft of a felony amount of services

there's a lot of wording to obscure what Corp psych is doing. it's sick though. genetics my ass... show me the gay gene then tell me how genes flip spontinuiously off rotting meat? 

ie Flys lay maggots. stress or other external causative agent makes epigenetic DNA changes or activations. 

parents will do and always have played the biggest roll

mn is psychotic 

we are allowing parents and police to cause there things and risk to life then want to force medicate victims or detain them for what the police caused.  funny how I've not been physical with either parent but March 2020 they made sure I couldn't attend a court hearing where they both filed dv restraining orders after 3 years of tourcher as covid started 

between the 2 of them 2 physical assult and one attempted murder via assult 
how do I know her intent? 

"you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out". 

imedieatly after I started walking us away from the railing she was trying repeatedly to push me over. 


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