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starving for another Xmas

 after 3 years malnourished stressed to the max physically asullted and the death of 3 pets I loved as much as any if not more than most human friends I've had.

police refuse to allow reports or censor the contents 

knowing there's such thing as civil commitment makes that even more terrifying. 

police have assisted in helping a coulple that happen to be my parents steal close to an officers yearly pay and continue to destroy it while poisoning stalking and terrorizing me. 

while several times over having emptied out a vehicle and with the reality of credit destroyed and civil court abuser label (parents made sure I couldn't attend)

this is all sick but I recognize the reality I'm about to be homeless, police records even if requestable by me later should at least work to store accounts of potential crimes and decide investigation is warented or not

instead I've found the hard headed to gistop official answer is police may refuse a report believing no crime commited.

id bet reports are being made or some data kept but maybe not. hopefully if they get rid of post 911 bullshit someone clamps down on how lethal mn has become. 

how many unsolved murders might be because u take one parties hearsay as verbatim and lacking a record the other is auto disqualified on basis of age probably gender and family relation?

say Paul was actually responsible for 50 murders that would go unsolved.

I'm talking cold cases. clearly the police would let him kill me. they are helping as I type. 2 fellony level thefts not allowed confessions on record since the ofo

I've been human trafficked forced to clean their mold 9mo despite they make it impossible while I coumincate what's needed they make sure I don't have it or anything but a dead pet in freezer threatening even the other pets ashes (which are held usps as well)

they 9 mo dragging mold there's 4 mo where they arnt giving things back will say and do anything and cut budget to below eating with out my kitchen 

I left their house in 06. save 6mo in 2014.. then 8 in 2018... 

Yet police acted and now act to cover acting on my parents telling them I never earned a dime or left the bouse

. so I starve again while pale and malice terrorize 

if I want a coat I have to wash it in the bath tub while starving 

Marlene Wuethrich resident and self proclaimed landlord of Maple Grove MN. neonatal cnp children's st paul Minnesota is recorded even stating if they want to steal everything and my id then I should just stand on the street corner to afford a new one. 

they stole 6.3k services 43k things bought with cash and credit earned by earning 

is it thank u piece of officer or Heil Hitler to show respect? or lock u out of everything yours.. have a feeling I get a bullet but no qualms done to me 

Heil the mn murder squad

I'd love to take this down. Police in MN are killing with more than just their knees. I think the nasty ones realize that going down this court u trip people's fear and or anger either way u get to claim you put u our dignity and ethics away 

or was that a person that absent u was a danger to self or others? what if they wernt?

maybe its's just your honner flushed and the claim mn doesn't support forced labor and slavery

Minnesota has issues, race may amplify them but the system issue is police have little to no oversight audits or fear of neg consiquenses and act outside even the golden rule of do onto others. 

lawyers and fbi stats say something like 99 percent domestic calls are loud arguments. 

starving someone allowing them actually assaulted and refusing record.. but wanting to paint.. I'm more done than maple Grove MN police department ever started  

peace officer is propoganda doesn't cut it when they aid terror and crime, its doublespeak at that point

my dad outright claimed to own me 2x bought me a 3rd. they act to keep me from having any purpose but dealing with mistakes and malicious acts they create 

. at times living there they would be screaming leave. other times they want emotional support my mom wanted me to be her ear to vent about her sex life for saying fuck you while she threatened to lie to athority to have me medicated for delusions of something expert confirmed to exist and be an issue. while my dad tells me life is empty he doesn't have enough social events 

I had been working till point I pass out on floor or break glasses head hitting bench or 2 jobs till I dropped or job and scsu since 2014

at one point be sat on my couch telling me all the social events and how extravagant 

then I'm stuck in their house of horror and on my 30th he takes my keys to prevent me from going to a couples house claiming a small storm makes it too dangrous to let his 30 year old who lived in Fargo ND for 8 freaking years  and drove in every storm to be allowed to leave. this was like a week maybe 2 after he tells me he feels empty cause he doesn't have enough friends or get out enough 

seiu Xmas, hot air ballooning 2 groups of friends some times 2 x a week local bars, friends wedding two hs reunions, neighbors sons wedding. that's just what I know of ans remember 

the mold that made me sick transfered visiting dieing Cosmos cat. 7th or 8th grade pet in 2001. also the year they played general contractor finishing their basement and created the mold 

meanwhile officer  Himmler/Hanson calls this the life

shoot me or beat someone starved for 3 years by your lack of honner u fucking playground bully with a gun he's too Coward to taste the shot from

at least at this level of hunger the flash backs of Clydes death and Bonnies  are fewer and quieter 

if you think things you caused are reason to then command more of soones time. good for you we all are entitle to our opinion 

if you are an officer and supporting fellony level theft repeatedly, supporting stalking, poisoning, assult, etc

think it's now your duty to get me to someone to medicate me for your violations?

Tupac once took care of an officer that sick.

don't worry, I'd never play judge jurry and executioner mgpd has filled those postion


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