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Friday, December 4, 2020



no response as if 24 or so hrs later. a few times he will mention things he took and I need or make me describe in great detail that he's a sadistic violating predophile(obsessed and gets off on hurtting and controlling people) 

or in other words 
"John I can't give you the red power inverter unless you tell me what color it is" 

"dad you just said it" 


you molested me as a child and are trying to kill me in adulthood 

You are such a self-righteous murdering torturing what's that excuse for a father that you tell me I deserve do you have everything I work for destroyed taken away because I said bad things to you while you were doing and saying bad things to me don't take things like oh you can't understand me while I'm streaming I would have been screaming if you stop killing me your fucked up piece of shit. Even if I managed to not raise my voice all you do it's things like sit in silence between 30 minutes of deflection to not allow a single fucking thing that you do to me discussed what then even if I stayed through that without raising my voice without calling the name you'll sit for 30 seconds and hang up like the fucked floating turd you are

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