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Saturday, December 5, 2020

no fusion or gray matter in law and psychology except against the people

 The operative phrase after 911 was fusion center. 

I find it sad to deeply concerning how certain actors are left out of the texts on what causes mass violence. The state and police almost always but to varying degrees push the message "police are there to save you all u need is 911" 

But when they aren't really concerned with investigating what might be life threatening crimes by one party against another or worse yet act towards whats easiest for the department which may enforce the threat, I think in the context bellow the state becomes the extremist group doing the rejection.

Its not perfect in metaphor but I think it works. Where it lacks is the fact the state as the group might be actively harming or preventing escape and in dv like cases the other party or parties might continue harm emboldened by lack of police curtailing illegal harmful activity.



Rejection by an extremist group the actor wants to join, due to either lifelong interpersonal problems or beliefs seen as too extreme by others in the group, is a distal characteristic of violent extremists. The rejection further isolates and may harden the belief system and violent intent. In one study, all 10 violent extremists (i.e., Timothy McVeigh, Joseph Franklin, John Salvi, Eric Rudolph, Buford Furrow, Ted Kaczynski, Benjamin Smith, Paul Hill, Michael Griffin, and Terry Nichols) attempted to affiliate with an extremist group, but their rejection led to further hardening of radical position and violent intent [66]. In the specific case of Paul Hill, he was a minister of a Presbyterian Church in Florida, but was excommunicated for his radicalization in the anti-abortion extremist movement. Three years after his excommunication, Hill shot and killed Paul Britton, MD, and his bodyguard James Barrett.


  id wager this was written to keep that thought absent. Power dynamics is probably the best way to view this. Though it doesn't fit well with a top down power structure Wishing to remain all powerful.

I think it's important to call attention to this because we live in the age of spin. we also live in an age of obscene class warfare and profit.

if we continue to allow victims to be validated from top down (as trend seems to be) rather than even basics of human survival or medical definitions of harm.

we risk basicly enslaving people harmed to a for profit health care system with the backlash being heads, bodies cars buildings and others ocassionaly going boom.

when the alternative is already validated research and it promotes people having equal protections and rights vs slavery and boom with little hope of catching 100%...

even wirh out the last bit id take the first every time.

I dangled the sentence in the beginning for a reason.

these fusion centers must be lit by gas lamps or walls of funding allocation and or some how we pass laws about psych but often against it.

ie it seems despite wanting to lock more and more up psychology or even human reality is absent from all convoys had by law makers or on justice.

if only the fusion extended in ways other than aushwits shower 2.0

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