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Thursday, December 10, 2020

They Take My Animals Time And Things Leave Me Ruins and Ruined

 I'm surrounded by car parts in the garage. upstairs clothes everywhere. they stole my computer and my welder. they had this fakatka plan that I had to clean their car of their mold I detected after they paid to have their house fixed from if took 6.3k of labor Geting me to upgrade their network and computers I built, lights in kitchen few other things.

this is bullshit. this is lethal bullshit

the police mess up and now even tryo g to get subsiqent thefts on record way like 2 months ago instead the offer me another emergency mental hold

police in MN are using emergency mental holds illegal while the bar association hotline tells people there is no one touching those cases. the police force you to a doc who signs off pre agreed likely. hospital makes state dollars 

police circumvent probable cause for a pat down and pocket rub

police circumvent probable cause for 3 to 5 days detainment and possibly forced psychiatric medication. 

police allow 2 pets of over a decade basicly murdered by participating in a 0 notice lock out eviction for a year and a half and counting. 

police allow close to a year of their sallery in personal property held and desteoyed. 

if you are an officer reading this, consider this it's not like if I made 100k all the sudden I can replace 40k of stuff over night. that's still probably 3 years. 

I can't replace my animals. you guys are fucking far animals 

In Minnesota we Prostitute those who folks steal from. would have been more accurate for our ag.

It's like the state wants desperately to emulate the third world. I don't even think it's emulation anymore I also think regardless of if I do anything in my life this is exactly what did drive the country under fucking narcissistic sociopathic in borderline we're better than you we're taking all your stuff or we're going to let it all destroyed because somebody hired us and put the gun in her hand and we don't have the courage to put it in our mouth

Hey let's send some families like the third ritch

What's help to fucked up parents extract labor for their fuck up poison their son and then where the police lets out fucking ruined his life for seven states that if you work hard and Minnesota police the rape you harder than your parents Heil Hitler you fucking Tumblr fuck is wrong with you?

Minnesota you have no protections the Minnesota new have no right. If you move to Minnesota expect anytime anyone wants to rob you blind do you have to work your way up from wherever they relocate you when they human traffic you for a year-and-a-half. It's fact that police will participate in this and it doesn't matter if the other person tries to kill you it only matters what's convenient possibly what federal grants fix this

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