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What Actual Peace Officers Look Like vs Many of MNs less than finest.


Heres me traveling alone in Germany in 2006. 

What was really cool about these guys is they cared about protecting the things that Minnesota will lock you up for not having. Or that Minnesota police will help separate you from and then potentially lock you up for not having.

They also seem to respect an individual and an individual's friends ability to watch out for themselves maybe I'll go into that another day. 

Me with one of my oldest friends. Cosmos Died in my lap in 2017 waiting for the shot that would have put him down.

I was working on a contracted project now made worthless by the overzealous possibly illegal and highly discriminatory actions of mgpd.

they basically participated in an illegal lock change eviction 8 months after I moved back into my parents house. my mom had said she was my landlord $6,300 in services were rendered in exchange for rent. 8 months later with zero notice I'm locked out and all of my stuff plus my two at the time live rabbits remained.

If you are standing on the side that is trying to harm to kill drug or imprison me. I would be worried. You and your families have nothing to fear if you aren't supporting people who terrorize and enslave others. or even if you get the fuck out of my mom and dad trying to harm me. 

I can swing a left that might take 5 years and your family wonders where the tumor came from. My right is a knock at the door that puts the door through you. 

I have nothing left to live for and there's no sign of relief. 

this system would rather pass people to private corps to drug them for the crimes commited by others than even allow them the property rights to cook a meal

mn did the research on what roll diet plays on cognition and life span
the police might as well be agents of the cartel 

Dont Push Me, I dont need to kick you over a ledge, its just 20 miles north. when you make sure someone is starved and terrorized while trying to paint them violent at best you cause what your state purpose is to prevent. from an indivigual perspective you are a killer. 
note he speaks in a way where even as he texts he never actually acknowledges anything I say just spews blame for his lethal mold. and yeah my apts a mess they steal to starve. you fucking clean 3 days 4 days hungry repeat. 9mo forced labor on the car Marlene endangered sick neonatal patients with. note he also claims they gave me cars. they have everything I worked to earn or anyone ever gave me what they have never given me is title to a car. 

this was a day before I found the check engine light taped over(see bellow) . the same day the tire pressure warning came up but I figured at first that might be the weather change/temp having let air out. I know normaly as it gets colder to add some. later that day I noticed the odd orange and then it clicked be had sent the message. Ie they somehow got into the garage st the apt they arnt on the lease for. 

last time I called the police to try to get confessions if fellony level theft added to a burglerly report they instead wanted to give me an emergency medical hold. this is really sick. 

stay tooned for Hanson latest hit

mmmbop my balls won't drop ba do op taking it out on you bop dip ba da doo
the cow ripped my ass in two. 


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