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Thursday, December 3, 2020


what is you say u need control because you want control. you lie to police and courts to harm me while you and mom shove me around try to shove me over railings have me fix and show u how to use computers I built for you. take my tools take my computers take all purpose and reason to live 
what is you ensure I have 0 comfort and everything I worked hard at ever social, work, academic goes to waste. u rewrite the past and present to suite any lie and violate me every way the police let u

what is you and mom arnt prickly you are hydtofloric acid and corode everything you touch 
what is you wait till I'm beyond stressed out then find the smallest thing to justify beating me senseless and alternate between I deserve it and you haven't done anything 

what is you invent issues or you blame me for yours. you give me problems and best me until you make them reality. 

what is if you died in 2004 I wouldn't be in this shit pit of your fucked up demonic jack off to conflict and your sons pain fagory 
what is you saw me making working circuit boards of my own designs took apart your vacuum broke it and blamed me. made sure I can't even mourn the loss of Bonnie or Clyde but the night Bonnie died ur socieo preditory molester side was clear like it was when you molested me in swim class 

what is I would be making 100k a year if you could keep your self hate to yourself. 

what is I am in danger while u used my knowlege to fix u your house. 

what is you think your ego hurt gives your the right to violate any boundary or law repeatedly 

what is neifhter of you are parents 

what is u can't let me go unless you've tied the yolk so I'm nose at the ground after breaking law to exceed envelope and structural specs then u keep bashing the controls bail out and shoot flack cannons while telling prople its my doing


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