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Friday, December 4, 2020

why don't you just

 play hide and go fuck yourself.

instead of rub in how we fuck you and wouldn't take this ourselves as we dish it. 

officer mmboo " why don't you just earn how you used to"

here's a not sarcastic answer :

client base gone from 8mo bleeding moving 65 miles then year or so after 8mo maybe two surprise in back but hey 9mo with mold car. officer death cop de bop... "I DIDN'T SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY". cute when you disobay the law from that level of power disregard life itself but still feel so impitent you have to boss around someone you are helping kill. cute as in let your pistol whisper the secrets of life through your mouth and see if you can hear click click before you hit the floor.

back to reasons 

it takes tools currently being destroyed

it takes presentable appearance that 9mo forced labor destroyed 

it takes my confidence that my surroundings are secure or becomes my liability. seeing pale and malice are repeatedly allowed to steal fellony amounts of my things and others... 

even as a hobby this stuff is detail oriented takes a lot of little things and all I have is mold spores dead friend in the freezer and soon maybe they can realize there are 2 bodies. when they smell what's left of mine

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