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wide open spaces and cognative function

the fact is your ability to seek any change is relative to your ability to aford it.

when police don't enforce criminal theft laws your likelyhood of affording anything let alone make civil court or seek represntation is low. 

it's has become my desire to point out known medical sci that impacts anyone's likelyhood of economic mobility and or staying out of prision to free from court orders. the reality is in states like Minnesota nothing you can do or not do can gaurentee that at the moment and it seems the known factors of justice let alone human tendanxy and function are disregarded. even the definition of harm itself floats on a per party basis. 

in computer and it security as well as many engineering fields, unknowns or systems who's components may be at unknown states generally represent a threat to liability. I don't think law and justice systems are much different. the difference may be the state chooses to absolve itself from any liability for its actions. 

much like interplay between many variables in a complex system may cause a not readily forsee failure to danger I think humans are such a system. time and concentration are always finite. they are influenced by many factors such as, diet exercise, balance, destress/coping mechanisms and even spaces one frequent or does not. 

all of those facts are also largely bound to readily avaliable time and disposable income. when states put onus on an indivigual and that exceeds their limits... I think justice is at risk to say the least. on a related note maybe 15 years ago someone figured that at average adult reading speed the number of end user liscense agreements the average American is presented with in a year surpasses time to read them. I'm sure that applies world wide wirh + or - a few wpm on the average. this is probably a decent example of this threat already recognized in the wild. also a chance to ask the European union "what the fuck were you thinking?" aka you might have noticed a lot of websites want you to click accept these days. Or inappropriate times for it when you go to use your digital card payment form and you are already at the register but instead of being able to pay your help hot the argument that one was under duress social stresses and the line behind them might apply

The latest point that has been clearly communicated that in Minnesota I have made a single purchase in this state

Communicated that police might create an endangerment to Life by a non enforcement or enforcement of the theft and that Lots such as stealing from another bank account directly or signing their name on a check from mail address to them are optional to enforce I likely would not be in this state but furthermore when that is the truth it becomes pretty hard that police Mike create endangerment to life by a non enforcement or enforcement of the theft and that lots such as stealing from another bank account directly were signing their name on a check from mail address to them for optional to enforce I likely would not be in this page but furthermore when that is the truth thank

I've already covered cognative decline possible when that comes to interrupting diet and how theft of personal property and or homelessness limits the feasibility of ebt and snap and how Minnesota did the first of its kind research on Mal nutrition to starvation on the body and mind.

I'd posit what I linked to about the be is even lesser well known. sorry for the lack of quality in the source. it's not the place I read it. I think 2012ish is when I first came across the notion that ability to experiance wide open spaces and or nature impacts cognative performance. aka this isn't the only source in the ocean it's just what I found via smartphone spur of the moment. 

I'm not so much making the claim as sharing it. you are free to back it as you will. Google scholar is as always free as well


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