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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Worst Case Psychology Policy & Policing & A Solution

 I guess its kinda a matter of perspective. As I realized before letting or creating a situation where someone is pushed via endangerment discriminatory acts from a position of power either physically or metaphorically... letting that get to the point they end up dead or take other with them I about the worst-case scenario for that person and their loved ones. 

I spent way more time on the solution than the title would indicate. here's a preview though... computer-controlled guns. its a bit shoot to change a bit shoot to highlight power without accountability. i wouldn't be shooting. ai would be. the code could virtually flip a coin 20000 times and require a 51% heads before engaging. did I take that life at that point or did I nearly set a machine that might in front of a place it could? i didn't pull the trigger. 

meanwhile police can overlook attempted murder via assault and repeatedly keep you from assets sellable to eat or usable to earn. maple grove pds line still burned into my head as they overlooked  signing my name on docs from mail addressed to me opened by someone else,someone they gave control of around 40k of personal property to via illegal means. someone threatening that property and to this day destroying it while stalking and stealing more:

"its not illegal to say you own someone"

on repeated attempts to communicate the property is being destroyed and the value there of

"that's civil" aka not our problem

I'm currently in a town they picked and apt they picked past lease and thanks to forced labor not being friendly with what landlord thought garage should be used for I would be homeless. covid and mn enacting a ban rendered the notice to vacate at the end of lease moot. 

I'm more likely to see death on the street than a lawyer and civil court. ive done nothing to earn abuser title meanwhile the accusers have both assulted me one tried to kill me. even after seeking the label and restrictions they have stole fellony amounts and stalked. how probable is it you can escape someone with virtually unlimited(in comparison ) set on harming you and keeping you down? how about when the police wont allow reports, censor whats on them and wont allow confessions?

I'm only talking about violence because I havent been and those who have been to me may take my life.  the system is refusing words from one side acting on hearsay of the other in ways that enable and enforce threat to life limb and property. I'm still talking . its getting violent. people have acted violently for far less. many on strangers not related to their harms.  

yet so is the OFPs  Paul and Marlene filed in 2020 after the 9mo forced labor on mold car you will see bellow and while still holding and destroying my property. still using their thefts and mold issue as a bio weapon. Im now the abuser and maple grove police refused 2018,2019 and 2020 reports or heavily cenosred them to cover acting on lies. I haven't touched either of my parents. my mom tried to push me over the railing to their staircase slamed a car door on my leg and my dad came up and started shoving me moments after saying to me 

"you know why I'm better than you John? I don't lose my cool" this was moments after "I stopped giving your rabbits the antibiotics they seemed better" and while they were using police to keep me from my rabbits and my things after changing the lock. i moved back in and 8 mo later lock changes. i  had been living 60 or so miles away and hadent been in that town much for 5 years and 8 or more years before the 5 also gone. one of the elements of trafficking is moving people around makes employment or money and social safety to escape hard. this very much applies here. while living there they would take my keys every time I turned around to power trip on me having to ask to leave or prevent me altogether. 

mn family court has this obsene thing called and OFP, basically claim to feel threatened and its free to file on almost anyone in the state at any time. boom one sided go near them they cant come near you restraining order. it also strips second amendment rights and makes you arrestable sans warrant. If I understand correctly you then face criminal charges where they don't care how valid the hearing you maybe couldn't even attend or were chaind down for was... the criminal trial is then over did you violate the civil order. 

express pass to criminal or maybe witch would be a better way to put it. the insanity is also in the one sided nature. aka accuser can sit out side your place stalk streal etc. 

I'm not alone in having police refuse any investigation or even reports after these are filed. I think its a violation of the separation of powers and predatory gov rearing its ugly head. esp with the propensity of maple grove to claim its all civil even before. technically a family court order is a civil court order. they almost brag about what they are doing. police as far as I can see and by what they communicate are supposed to be concerned with a criminal not civil law. here they want to pick and chose telling. in mn theft of over $1000 is a criminal offense. the same maple grove pd in 2019 arrested a woman for even stealing a bottle of wine. which by no means was 1k. 

I couldn't figure why they would have reason to do anything like this until I came across VAWA and the OVAW (office of violence against women) it turns out that the fed gov will give states money for certain DV arrests and programs. I cant say for sure that's what up in my case but the moment my mom wanted to claim the OFP despite literlay trying to kill me/assaulting me twice and still poisoning me....this probably came into play. 

but police policing for profit shouldn't be called police. if this is truly the case maple grove has a privateer department. I'm all for the other title if we spell it, piece officer. kinda like how stores have a point of sale system. often abbreviated POS. Piece Officers with badges and weapons out for the max profit. 

in maple grove they even claim to be the Führer of the industry in their demonstrably not followed or enfored mission statement 

but where does the psych play in? its in court ordered and or publicly communicated application of psychology and or laws built to throw corporate health care welfare in the form of court guaranteed patients. its in the fact that we let doctors play jailer and circumvent probable cause, any requirement to see evidence and or follow objective criteria. thanks to rx kickbacks your dr jailer might get a bonus for prescribing psychological medication. aka drugging the prisoner. 

in general next time you see an advertisement for some useless drug where side effects may include death; but it ends with consult your doctor before stoping. consider this. for those unaware rx is medical short hand for prescription. an rx kickback is a bonus for writing a specific script. it comes from the makers of the drug and is used to promote their flagship products. 

this society where simple concepts like a conflict of interest are lost on the public mind and absent from corp news is a dangerous one to live in. whens the last time news pointed out "appeal to authority is a logical fallacy" ? how about slippery slope? how about that either isn't always a fallacy? or that black and white thinking is a symptom of a pathology? splitting 

here's one for the leaders of the privateer industry: 

so we heil, heil right in sargent mmbops face. sutuper duper leader men

also for those unaware of why i suggest they are the fuhrer of the industry

der Führer

leader, guide, driver, operator, commander, head

maybe in this case "derp fuherer" would be more appropriate. 

  1. foolishness or stupidity.
    "the derp heard outside apparently was only the tip of the iceberg"

but back on track the outcome of these policies and police is usually less than ideal for the sauce of an individual and or continuing their family line let alone finding prosperity. even if worked for the odds start to look more like working to survive and work another day until death. with an interruption from the police to enable violence and psych to put the blame on the victim between drugs. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) without healing wounds might as well be the other context in which that is used. 

now onto the master solution 👀

I'm sure sicko (paul and or marlene)  and sicko (marlene and or paul) would revel in the attention if I shot a place up. so sure id make sure they were vaporized that day. no thats not ideation or intent and if you think so ill show you a small mind. 

check your mirror. 

the rest of this is a hypothetical solution:

(if sargent mmmbop is reading this:  hypothetical if memory serves me he had trouble with allegedly one night as well)

I wouldn't shoot randoms I wouldn't have to shoot anyone, if I wanted to kill I could do so without even violating the ofp. see ulv cold fogger on a remote control hobby car pumping the remains of crushed smoke detectors into a gas fireplace chimney to create a radioactive cloud inside a house. Its the nouveau American way. (see: americium and neptunium)

 An auto turret in front of mgpd would be hilarious though.  Esp because I don't think dropping an inanimate not remote control object that doesn't explode in front of a police station is a crime other than maybe littering? with bodies? I was reading about the basis of law and I think a stack of ai killed police would really highlight how mn uses police and law in a discriminatory predatory manner.

the concept of endangerment and intent hasn't seemed to have any glimmer of recognition in officers like Sargent mmbops mind unless liability for the city and or department is factored after the fact and as an excuse to continue the action.

the point is dropping a ai /code controlled /person badge and or face-recognizing turret in front of a police station maybe with a random number generator so only on chance does it activate and start targeting uniforms.

this creates a legal conundrum: did i intend it kill? what if its a package delivered? here is a suitable GPS for active packages I know its pretty pricy at the amazon rate. all of 12 USD. be sure to see you microcontrollers power save functions. ie deep sleep it and maybe check GPS coordinates every half hr depending on shipping restrictions and size of the battery. you could probably bypass all restrictions if you know someone who works at an office supply or shipping store. 

i think this would put an odd and perhaps the right strain on the current legal system. It would likely highlight what accountability means. or my door gets kicked down and every drug under the sun materializes from the evidence locker to report as found here. maybe just a drone execution. It would be easy, just take the box of drugs they show 4th grade students during the dare program :D

DARE to keep kids off drugs by introducing them to drugs. HOPE on the day the box is brought in little Sarah points out mommies favorite 

DARE to keep kids off drugs by introducing them to drugs. HOPE on the day the box is brought in little Sarah points out mommies favorite 

In MN I think that despite some officers trying to live up to the propaganda term "peace officers" the forces overall could be viewed as a hostile invasion. Its a hired position with massive power little odds actual consequence to their life for anything they say or do. 50 percent of officers fired end up rehired. In Minnesota the police established programs to condition citizens as children to be obedient and things like dare serve both that end and likely getting them to unknowingly harm parents regardless of if parent harms them. 

here's what was revealed by mpls threatening to get rid of Minneapolis pd.

- Sherif threatened to revoke services

-union pointed out it might not be legal and or that anything that replaces the police would likely end up with the same union and officers rehired. 

to be clear I'm usually pro union. I do however think that police unionizing in mn is a bit odd given the history of beating workers on strike. I think for police to be union there should have been considerations that didn't happen as to how protection from termination jives with the ability to remain in control of a police force let alone punish lethal to harmful behavior to the citizens of the population they police. the fed gov reports even indicate that it seems almost impossible to enact lasting changes in forces. its not rocket sci that with out consequence for negative behavior its likely to continue. 

I think I saw there are 3 pd confederation locals in mn. an odd choice of title considering one of the first functions of police in America was returning escaped slaves to their owners in the south. I know there are 3 SEIU locals. An org called CTW (Change To Win) binds The Police Confereations and SEIU.

I have to wonder if my dad having a 25 year run as vp of seiu local 284 is influencing the lethal treatment I am getting but that's neither here nor there. The seiu in other states is publicly talking about kicking out the police unions. I haven't looked in a while but I havent see that message in Minnesota. 

In general, though I think Andy Stern was dead on with internationalization is a race to the bottom for workers rights and pay. I did the math 3 years ago and demonstrated to work in the wild/real environment automation could have wiped 30% of American workforce then, likely its about 50% today. I did that math on seeing the headline that a driverless truck delivered a refer load (refrigerated load of butter) across the country. I forgot airline pilots and copilots and a few others in that 30% fig. odd how something like %40 are set to be homeless from covid. maybe not related. wont say I could know for sure. odd though. esp considering medical errors kill up to 250k Americans per year. covid killed how many so far?

 40% of 329 million is 131,600,000 homeless Americans. 

Meanwhile maple grove and st cloud Minnesota police help my parents steal felony amounts including whats needed to build a portfolio to supplement a resume. pull my background check. i don't have a history of issues. 2018 is when the false police reports started. i was 29 years old clean record. also good credit despite having a card then two since 2006. my health credit and credibility are all being undermined while I'm stalked assaulted and poisoned but civil court on hearsay enables the people doing it to get me an abuser label as well. good bye anything that requires security clearance for employment. likely hello additional issues to finding new housing. my dad 2x has said he owns me 1x he bought me and once wanted me to repeat the word slave.

"dad you are making me feel like a slave" while I'm 3 days hungry from good faith and under threat working on their car

"what was that? just the last word" this is well after 2x "I own you" and 1x "I bought you"

if my dads former position in mn is enabling this the joke is still on him. yeah paul they help you, eliminate your family line (I'm an only child, he had one sister, her daughters dont have kids either) for your personal pleasure and attention from the conflict. a murder and a darwin award all in one. a post term coat hanger abortion in mommysoda

so we have hired people playing judge jury executioner of citizens and we cant get rid of them. is this a state with elected rulers or invaded by a hostile force? 

In mn they use detainment in medical to psych facilities as a bypass for probable cause. in my case it also involved a search of person by police officer, who himself later admitted he used no law I wouldnt find it on law books. The two types of holds are medical and police officer holds and the criteria is written so vague vaguely that threatening to snap your own #2 pencil qualifies as reason to detail 3 to 5 days. a 72hr hold doesn't count weekends or holidays. propaganda in a name? whats in my view nastier still is police officers aren't subject to psych evals. imagine the sociopathic to schizophrenic officer detaining you for pleasure or busting down your door when the voice in her head called out help. 

the mn bar hotline gave me this advice: no one touches those holds. separation of powers is not supposed to be the bar in bed with the state. 

another thing you probably don't realize, if you've signed the papers that any health care provider offered on first visit pre-appointment. Clintons HIPPAA law enables police to view the records generated if you end up forced into a  hold. aka its a bypass to blood and or urin test for case building. 

afaik California is the only state to have limited this with state law more strict than federal. 

with renagade murderous and slave to indentured servitude enforcing state gov and police departments I wonder: have they ever shot at by something without a heartbeat?

 I can see that possibly being effective at restoring respect for the citizens we are lead to believe they protect and serve. the kicker is the who or whom or even what isn't defined. 

Protect Who?

protect and serve: the governor, government, meh own wallet, promotion path? citizens? the planet by eliminating families?

With Massive Power and Little Accountability or Consiqeusne?

between tear gas, mace, tasers and pistols available to each officer the power balance is already pretty bad. the reality is a radio calls more officer friendlies and a helicopter with radio and thermal imager is usually at the ready. ie if the police want you they usually get you. if while getting you they kill you they rarely face trial regardless of how valid the charges against the citizen were. 

one night in st cloud years ago I saw two kids tasered for running after typing a house, actually more so heard the wir of the wire through the air followed by sack of flour hitting the ground. aka kid hitting the ground after sizing as barbed dats struck and began shocking him.

 less than lethal doesn't always work like that. its great psychological conditioning though. aka when said to the public or officer that might draw it, it calms if reported on the news and encourages use by an officer in a situation. 

Turret Alternatives:

I haven't gotten to it yet but id like to layout the design for a device that would eliminate the desire for an officer to pull the trigger on a stun gun. something like a small but thick blast plate on wearer against skin (maybe rubber in between) and the rest would be equivalent to a rocket motor in a pipe. somewhere in between. the key would be the device only activates when it detects the electrical signature of a tazer. ie pull and fire the tazer you might take out you and the partner with a chance the perp walks away. probably not a good one but its in line with America's nuclear policy... MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. The difference between a pipe bomb and rocket motor is a weak spot at one end. the heavy metal plat between wearer and fun time compound would serve to ensure most of the blast goes away from them, worn on front and back you could ensure pretty good odds that even at 50 ft firing a tazer has a return of several flying nails. I should figure out at what distance the x29 is effective to and use that for design req. 

Another weak spot is police reliance on IDEN radio tech. aka Trunked radios, as cell network operators sunset 2g and 3g it will become increasingly easy and more reliable for something like this: RTL SDR to positively identify the keydown of a police radio in its vicinity. What someone would do with something like that? skys the limit. 

Actually, id way love if the police would stop enabling those who poison and rob to leave me starving while basically human trafficking me. I don't want to be typing this even. 

Onto the Auto Turret:

 commmon stimulus!

I'm sure anything in here is wise to publish.I woke up this morning on the bed Clyde rabbit died on in empty  filthy shit hole apt in filthy cloths and a broken phone. nothing i worked for before or after this encounter is allowed and police wont allows reports for me only against me. 

if they are going to enforce this while my dad wants me to repeat the word slave and claims to own me. 

id way rather be peaceful but I'm getting slaughtered either way. 

as an mn law maker reading this, if you think the ofps stop guns, please see 3d printer. also drop me a comment so i can put an auto turret in front of your door. 

we have created a public so unaware of tech or logic that i see a court argument working out like this. 

he dropped a machine that had to flip a coin 20,000 times and produce more heads than tails before it would engage each target. if it didn't win it had to do it again. 

just repeat 20,000 times louder when and if the other side realizes that happens twice in 0.1 seconds.

somethings got to give. 
the slaughterhouse tag is a reference to a supreme court case not an indication of my intent. 

Technical Challange?

its really nonexistent. 
substitute paintball gun for a glock or similar. maybe add a servo or solenoid to pull the trigger. 

this isn't the original. but I picked this video because it shows that the code is already online. i first saw this in about 2009. with the paintball gun replaced by a semi-auto with one round already chambered, there isn't really a difference. 

but you cant buy a glock with an ofp. 

you can buy the barrel, slide, trigger mechanisms and use a 3d plastic printer to do the rest. 

normally you cant strip rights without natural justice either (ie a fair trial in a court with standards of evidence and burden on the one making the claim not the defense) mn does it in a court that gives as little as 4 days notice. They have the sheriff serve the summance.  it passes automatically if you don't or cant show. the burden is on the defendant/accused to prove the unverified claims of accuser are untrue.

some lawyers give advice online, I've yet to see someone cover what to do when police tell you to get out of the car or they will use physical force to remove you then execute and emergency medical hold that the doctor who makes it official signs off on virtually as you walk through the door. 
kinda a shit catch 22. know my rights, disobay the order and face physical force and or charge for not obeying  and be detained jail or hospital or? is there a fucking or? be detained 3 to 5 days. also I've not been able to find one that answers if you have to open the door for a sheriff with a sumance. 
I'm guessing mn was banking on the power of the sherif in perception.

process server other side of the door, I've never been served before that...but if non police are coming through the door I can guarantee they wont get a signature and win or lose a physical altercation looking at them you will tell it happened. aka what I'm getting at is how they play perceptions and how the advice just isn't there. yet you can for free get an ofp against just about anyone in mn. aka generate this chain of events. there's no statute of limits/time limit, free to patition and claiming a sexual relation qualifies. also or alternative qualification : current or past roommates, blood relatives... everyone on anyone when the first part is factored. 
yet what does it do to police response? nothing. aka the protected party isnt really protectied but the rights of the accused are stripped. it also is really specific as to whats considered violence. guns fists verbal threats, explosives. hence the line about an rc car piloted by 4g cellular modem to simply fog a mist into a house. its not something I want to do but I'm highlighting the absurdity. here's my call log march 27th. the hearing was march 22 2020. 

the trial/hearing the accusers made sure I couldnt attend

does this look like someone battered and wanting me out of their life? but that's the other bat shit part, they can call me its arrestable to answer. 

the court didn't care i was an hr and a half away, covid was starting, the car was broken down or 4 days notice to answer to purgery in accusations was insane. mns ofp law has no checks and probably doesn't even accomplish its intent but is set to allow those who misuse it to terrorize victims now labeled abusers. I was 31 with no indication other than false police reports made by marlene and paul at 30 of violence. I had already went to the police they didn't want to put on record evidence marlene and paul falsify reports. by the time marlene and paul pulled the ofp maneuver it had basically been human trafficking for a year and a half. still is. 2 days after they passed in my absence and during covid paul drive 45min to st cloud to call in a welfare check. over the next 2 weeks they would be seen 7x in my apt lot and call in one more welfare check. an 8th time is likely as i walked out of the apt door to the parking lot and immediately received a SMS asking if i was going to get lunch. then about a month later they stole my welder, desktop pc and compound miter saw from my garage. 
this is when st cloud police got shady. all the sudden rather than add confessions recorded of a felony-level theft they suggested they needed to evaluate my mental state. aka 3-5 days in a mental ward.
that call is further back on this blog.  
don't get me wrong, there have been officers from both departments that have been upstanding. I wont mention them in an identifiable manner because if its not a good cop bad cop act, and on the off chance it got them flack, id rather they be there for someone else. 

but but but.. well maybe i integrate facial recognition? its really not that hard these days.

paul wuethrich stole my welder, my desktop and my compound miter saw April 2020, i still have the c25 cylinder and an abrasive chop. a metal frame would be required but a pawn shop mig welder could do the trick.

Could I?

did I mention when I wanted a spot welder to 
1) sell the design and bare pcb as a kit
2)  use for contracted projects I designed (some contracted, some intended as products and products as services) 
I built the tools to do uv lithography, taught myself the ee concepts, taught myself CAD then designed and built it on hardware I built to build it? 
here's the spot welders working incarnation. it took 1 iteration to get here, the first worked I just hadn't designed the board as more than a poc/able to handle the full power intended. it was just to test the control circuit. then the bleeding in the apt that's covered elsewhere here started so I didn't get to test It until back at my parents. which ended up being the source of the bleeding. I wrote optimized code for the atmega 328p driving the show to get timings as reliable and small as possible. I intended an esp32 for later versions. in the video below the spark really throws me for a loop. I'm activating it with a foot switch off screen. 

before my welder was stolen a friends mechanically controlled lawn tractor plow blade broke. I modified and repaired the frame, welded on an extension, and tucked a $25 ebay 12v 2in travel linear actuator (think hydraulic piston but electric) I didn't even make plans i just saw it in my head.
(i didn't do the reinforcement, they should have been placed differently, i had left to eat and sleep..it really bugs me but ill try not to go off topic...pretty weld on the front of the vertical though. the horizontal was tacked intending bolts later) wired it up and ...

Turret, Design Considerations:

whats needed to build an auto turret is pretty simple other than the frame. I think the fact that its a multi/cross area/edu/degree platform is the only reason you don't see this or things like it more. there are some people ibm called wide as a river but deep as a puddle. they are a dime a dozen. Im nothing extra special but I have slowly realized I can reach at least moderate skill levels across multiple usually distinct areas and without needing formal edu to do so. I also know I'm not perfect and to error is human, spelling was never my strong suite and that's probably apparent by this blog. paul and marlene will take the slightest mistake to actually killing animals and try to rewrite reality so you are at fault rather than admit to a confusing sentence. their attempts to do so will include lies to the police, stalking, theft, purgery and more! oh my. i laugh as I'm literally dying form it. 

on their own one would need some EE knowledge, CS knowledge and ME knowledge. A lot of functionality is the coding but that's actually available online since 2009. integrating modern libraries for object detection and recognition or even facial recognition would be cool. i am down to a laptop with out a battery. my folding table and livingroom has mold from their car and little else so laptop on bed...ergonomic nightmare amplified by if i move and the cord comes out. ...black screen of off. Wish i had my kitchen stuff maybe id still make the flight of stairs to the holding and tourcher cell

I expect this project would be doable for $600 with 3d printed weapon frame. which in some ways makes it easier. aka rather than attaching to a pistols intended for human hand grip, fire up a CAD program and add thick bolt holes. maybe along the top of the frame mid way down the slide. If i do this and really want to leave a legacy ill upload the design to thingverse and the likes so anyone with a 3d printer can download the design and make it at home. the basic frames for many weapons are already available. making an automated hand gun frame readily available could be a game changer. I cant take a shower and dry off with clean towel, cook a meal or sometimes eat one. cant wash clothes other than the tub, went 30 days hungry in 2019. i don't think i have much to lose. I cant even get clydes remains delt with. 

the mods to the frame would probably be something like mid way down above the trigger two laterally/perpendicular mount points and or frame to accommodate trigger servo. then along the back of the handgrip may be the front another. parallel two the barrel. a glock is said to have about 2lbs of recoil. somewhat insignificant for a human. very significant when you are talking a 20 to 30 lb metal platform and stepper motors that max around the same amount of force. The trigger guard could be thickened to accommodate the lateral mount points. depending on the printer tech the plastic might be on the brital side thus requiring thicker than you might think to ensure mount points don't crack off after a few rounds. 

Id think but am not sure one could probably widen the clip and handle with a little bit of effort. belt fed would be cool but probably more complex than a clip that can manage to push one up into the fun time chamber with 3 horizontal bellow. maybe its about the same effort. i haven't looked into it. just trying to get others thinking. 

making a human or machine fireable weapon would be stupid and the time to ground-up rebuild the internals isn't going to happen by me. 

I think the midway down the slide on frame mount points are crucial though. you probably want them coming out a bit then extending up so when mounted the barrel is centered with metal it mounts to. the 2lb recoil is going to strain steppers regardless but if its not centered you have a lever effect to deal with. 

its not going into bellow min requirements but adding a 6dof or better mems gyro could be interesting. if the turret can map what its doing isolation and deflection wise in 3d space after a round is fired it may be easier to ensure multiple rounds quickly still hit the target. 
the gyro board is whats hanging off the wires. aka the rabbit rotating on-screen is following the board extended away from and odd angle to the board I'm holding (it probably makes more sense once you realize that) 

Min Requirements

i forget the name for it but there's a device with a hollow center that rotates yet it passes wires through and allows electrical connections to rotate 360. cars with buttons on the steering wheel use them. its baicly a spring loaded gold plated spring on a gold plated track in a circle around the outside or inside so as it rotates the spring part is always against the track. 

2x camera. one maintains a wide angle view and the other is sited in on where the barrel makes the magic happen. 

1x mcu with hardware pwm channels. boards like the raspberry pi don't do hardware pwm. begale bone black does, alternatively command an arduino over a serial connection. pwm is used to generate the signal the steppers move. the reason you cant do software pwm is steppers need the signals precise or they get twitchy, which means anything from you miss to fire when not intended. 

welded metal frame to hold the weapon

welded metal platform.

lithium ion battery pack

welded on armor would be nice. 

Why is hardware PWM so important?

here's a video from the st cloud apt i had in 2015 where i was playing with an NFC card (like touchless payment cards), ras pi and a hobby servo motor.

right before the servo tries to commit suicide (falls off the ledge) you might hear the noise from the software pwm twitch/jitter.

cpus like humans suck at multi tasking. the reason you can run multiple programs on even your phone is the cpu does tasks billions of times per second (gigaherts). its more the appearance that a single core or cpu/socket machine is multi-tasking than the actuality. i don't want to get into a hyper-thread discussion/this is meant to be a basic explanation, but basically...look what that did to security lol. which isn't much different than observing human responses and micro-expressions but i digress. 

PWM signals are hz to khz iirc. its not beyond the cpu to do more than one thing and generate that signal. the issue is more with the binary nature aka its an asymtope on a graph and if x axis is time that rising or falling edge shifted even micro seconds by cpu doing something else screws things up

 the issue with pwm on the pi is not just software generates the signal but running Linux you get things like trying to update the os or software competing for cpu time and all the sudden your servo signal suffers because the cpu couldn't handle that task and reliably generate the pwm for the servo drive.

the begalblones prus are separate from the cpu. much like hooking up an arduino via serial the cpu issues a command and or a program to execute then they do that till its complete and or another command issued. meanwhile the cpu does what the program and or multitasking os tell it to do. its a task delegation system that allows crucial tasks like signal gen to have their own workers in hardware.  

the cool thing about using a sbpc would be it could live stream both close in and wide camera feed. 

it would be way cooler if my life wawsnt endangered one of my two rabbits remains went in the freezer with my parents holding and threatening the other and 16 years of my property mold-contaminated held threaten and damaged to destroyed while my health is destroyed. 

but the reality is i wake up and look at the freezer holding my other friend and now even a non functional phone screen. was forced to labor on a moldy car for 9 mo in the only apt my parents have ever picked for me despite renting since 2007. empty now moldy apt in a town i didn't even pick. 

meanwhile mgpd tries to paint me as violent to cover their participation in what should have been an illegal 0 notice lock out eviction 8 mo after moving back into my parents. 
my mom said she was my landlord. the room i had there should have market rate gone for 150usd at max a mo. 6300usd of services rendered in 8 mo before they changed the lock. 

Bonnie rabbit. her ashes were sent usps to me at my parents address. opened and still held by my dad. 

visiting sick cosmos cat in 2017 spread their mold problem to my apt. 

2017 apt

2015 apt bedroom. 

behind driverside seatbelt in mold car marlene had been driving to children's st paul 

the hidden side of fabric covering roof in forced labor mold car (headliner) 
paul made snow blow through the vents right before the forced lease started at the current apt. when i got the headliner out I also found that the drain tubes for the sunroof had long before plugged. mold loves liquid water. the plugged drain tubes were a great supply. as the roof heated in the sun any water in them would evap up and out condense on the hot metal then drop onto the top of the headliner. driving in heavy rain hazardous car after headliner was out produced the effect that after 2 hrs water was dripping on my head. aka enough it might have spilled down the headliner as well... but not enough it would have been visibly wet from the other side. 

jan 2020 i showed this pic to MGPD's officer mmbop 

this shit is now growing many places in the apt as it got into the AC. march 2020 and April 2020 thefts let me with out an air filter and eventually with out even a vacuum while for 9 mo i was forced to clean this with out the budget for tyvec with out required tools and under threat to at least 40k USD of personal property kept since there changed the lock. 

part of what was kept was 3m full face 6800 respirator. I'm now blowing out white strings and black specs while still starved. unable to clean clothes, organize apt, cook etc. in march they stole my Ryobi hand vac. with it i could clean the filter on the certified hepa shop vac (garage) or shark upstairs vac. I told them I'm not qualified to do this. i don't want to , its dangerous. heres about what it would cost. even when i earned 2 grand they cut what they gave me to make sure it was all spent and still not feasible.

They stole the battery with it rendering me without a working drill either. mean while officer mmbop has repeatedly ensured me that because my parents tell him things I'm given enough. well if they steal in excess of what I was given, was I given anything or did they take? tough questions I know. in absence of police willing or able to figure that out maybe we should call them point and shoots. that's him officer over there, blam. minneapolis is rumored to have implemented this with knees. maple grove and st cloud seem to go the let one party abuse try to kill via assault, starve via theft route. its about as honorable as the coil the dog leaves on the front lawn. 

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