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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

3 years of lawless torture

 And I bearly have a place to sit or lay.

I have an infested matress clied died on 

A civil record from purgery that states I'm the abuser of the parents that are still trying to kill me.

Parents that like 99.99 percent of people I've known or dated I never laid a hand on

That's actually 100 percent of women dated 

My mom wanted me to be her emotional support over her sex life then tried to push me over a railing 

Not much is a bigger incest abusers than the state with this witch Hunt label system though

Paul and Marlene definitely a close 2nd well threatening myself my animals the remains of animals will physically abusing and well poisoning Paul reassures me I'm going to jail and don't worry I'll like it because I can have a boyfriend

Dad if you slit your throat you still would be the narcissistic f*** who had to violate your son and every way to feel anything and would be leaving me for dead but I would die knowing the world was a safer place

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