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911 or non emergency in minnesota

 This post is about how Minnesota police kill people indirectly and sometimes directly.

This post is about events that take place is maple maple minnesota and St cloud Minnesota.

It's about the eroding concept of ownership of any physical inanimate object. The eroding concept that for non corps those objects should have any monitary value or owners ability to resell it for value. 

This is at a time when in several states have laws where with out change let alone conviction of owner police can take citizens property and sell it for profit. 

This is often justified by what in absence of logic could be called schizophrenic beliefs. Except one that condition is allowed to be diagnosed without objective criteria as are most psychological conditions. 2 when there's that much much enrichment or benefit coming from it it's not really in line with random delusions are hallucinations visual or auditory . It's not really in line with disruptive disorganized thoughts it's totally in line with benefiting the few in specific positions.

except the justification sounds like it should be straight out of schizophrenia. I've read it several times since that your property actually has far fewer rights than you do.

the reason I call it schizophrenic is your property is a goddamn f****** inanimate object. 50 to 90% of it doesn't even process let alone think. i

we want to avoid definitions that include a heartbeat (which might be prudent considering where we're going with ai)

This post is about Maple Grove PD in the state of Minnesotan.

How maple Grove harbors police who create  slavery and indentured servitude. Maple Grove and in general Minnesota police who endange citizens lives.

Systems that have for most intents and purposes placed citizens hired as police above all law. Systems that have forgotten justice is based on trials and police playing judge jurry and executioner creates chaos. Doubling down on police of this mannor creates facism and worse.

Racism is a thing but I believe this both sits under it and is causal to racism in police forces. I don't think you can be racist without being at least high traits of narcissism borderline or aspd. all of them involve trouble conceptualizing other people. All of those conditions involve black and white good bad logic. 

none of that applied to people above the law in a position to outright kill other people is likely to create Justice equality freedom or even survival for many.

 This is about the police that  while participating in felony-level theft and indentured servitude outright tell you the person who keeps stealing from you doesn't owe you anything while standing between you and even filing a police report.but they want to know if that person thinks they should search you.

 When the police sergeant position that implies he might have control of the people that show up around him on a call when he dreams that they've given you enough when he tries to paint you as violent while someone is stealing from you to the point you it probably starts to paint a picture that mightit probably starts to paint a picture that might be indentured servitude except no contract.

Especially when the person committing the crimes claims out right to own you and to have bought you.

 but indentured servitude requires a contract and has an end date.

Slavery is similar but features no contract or end date.

This post is about a system and the people that forgot or used to its advantage labels like victim abuser but make no effort to determine which is which.

First come first serve injustice 

Which really is the same old dance with a new twist. Because all it does is put the person or parties already in a better position financially in the most likely to make it to court first position

If maple Grove is the industry leader as they claim, these services are great extensions of force for child abusers and women who harm men  or their children of any age.

Feel like you are under appreciated? Call them today. Call especially after accepting fellony levels of service if not paid for. They will award you with everything the person has ever owned then allow you to steal and physically assult more 

In my experience esp with Maple Grove Police they will help kill a person if they might face liability as an org for earlier mistakes and or misconduct.

We can not have a force that bill s itself as peace officers but acts twoards only the arrests that benefit officers career paths and or locality coffers 

It's predatory policing and enforces slave like conditions 

St cloud has seemed more balanced. Untill the point I called Hennepin county dispatch several days hungry suggested maybe wanting to file a misconduct report against Maple Grove but mainly just wanting a message passed to the people who stole all of my things.

I believe somewhere around that time they had driven to saint cloud to also steal my debit card from the car. Every terroristic unnerving dangerous thing you could do that's also prohibited in ofp and many more are what Paul and Marlene have been doing

but I also mention to the dispatcher that I had confessions of the felony-level theft

so St cloud PD ends up calling me back despite the fact that that was Hennepin county I called and this is Stearns county but I'm in but not by choice more like human trafficking forced relocation under threat to myself and my animals  one still alive at the time..

St cloud PD calls me back and tells me rather than allow anything on her report he needs to evaluate my mental condition. In other words alluding to a 3to 5 day detainment in a mental ward rather than allowing a felony crime reported. 

People committing these crimes literally claim to own me I don't see how this is not police enforced slavery

Especially when officers like Sergeant Hansen are assuring me that if my dad says so they've given me enough.

What is unquestionable is when police are helping someone steal $43,000 in personal property in a state that includes imaginary property in the definition of criminal theft...

When that person is then threatening that property to Force hazardous unpaid labor on their time scale. After forcing a lease with similar and more threats

Well at minimum wage that value is like a 10-year sentence to recoup. That's an if one lives that long. That property includes projects others paid for and others property either entrusted for repair or as a project designed and constructed by me commissioned by someone else

In one swoop police enforcing the 0 notice lock change alone gave me no chance to sell off what was mine to have cash to decide my fate, it destroyed my credibility and doing so it also hit the social safety net making sure I have no one that wants to take me in because I have been putting most of my time into work . Time is a finite resource you cannot both be a socialite and work the entire time in every position or many positions.

If you can't deliver on your promises it would be ideal if people still liked you anyway but I'm not that level of f****** depraved to expect that

Buy then a year and half into blocking access Sargent Hanson is asking why can't you just go to a friend's or why can't you do what you used to do to make money

Between asking my dad if he should search me for a weapon 

A month before I had shown Sargent Hanson a picture of the moldy car I was forced to labor on he says:

 I didn't see that put the phone away.

Once again finishing with ordering me away from public propertyy.

when the lock was changed that also allowed theft of $6,300 in skilled services.

We are at a level of technological achievement as a species where we know that not eating the proper diet for you decides how long you live what you die of your quality of cognition and life in between. That's kind of based on being able to cook and having the tools to do it. It's not hard to make an argument that this is literally deciding how long I live without a trial. Well I live here in this Forced lease apartment that they picked out they have stolen to make sure I don't even have a working vacuum cleaner

I have made an air filter that takes HVAC filters because it was the most cost-effective those large filters last a long time. I was modifying it to take the bigger filters they stalled the compound miter saw I needed to cut the plexiglass to do so

11 months after the mold was confirmed in Paul and Marlene's house they had it professionally remediated they've been using it as a bio-weapon since.

They made sure I could not clean the car they ordered me to clean for 9 months no make sure that I can't escape their problem in the apartment that was contaminated as a result or even cook a meal despite not living at their house from 2006 pretty much to 2017 with six months in between of constant time there. With having bought for myself an entire set of kitchen stuff I used and you can click on the link on the right hand side about how I used to cook to see that.

Now I'm blowing out as of last night what you see below. The first three months of cleaning that car the police helped them hold onto even a full face respirator that I already owned

Paul and Marlene have made sure I can't even have my bicycle they made sure that was the only means of transportation I had in an empty apartment with only my rabbit Clyde. He's still in the freezer. I fear for my life everyday none of my rights have been respected

my health has been deteriorating I know how to manage my health I can show I made efforts to do so in the past the idea that anytime someone wants to rob you or keep robbing you well assaulting you the police are only there to protect them is insane it puts the lotion on its skin until we decide to f****** kill it in the meantime it can get the court again


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