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A device to render tazers unused.

 I'm not sure if anyone has studied voltage across various points on the body as someone experiences a tasing.

the thing is I found some of the documentation for the stun gun model that is most common with law enforcement. What it does might make it easier to detect. that is if it works as they described.

skin effect (not human, but not not human entirely either)

When electricity travels through a conductor the higher the frequency the more likely it is to decide it doesn't like the middle. Of course it's the lies of physics dictating this not any conscious decision by the electricity but that's not the point. The phenomenon is known as the skin effect.

With the skin affect the higher the frequency the more prevalent the phenomenon is. In reading about some of the documents for law enforcement favorite taser it was claimed that the frequencies chosen for delivering the jolts I supposed to utilize the skin effects to keep the current path away from the heart.

aka the skin effect is used here to keep the jolt on skeletal muscle and or closer to the dermis and minimize the chances of the lethal range being experienced across the heart.  for those unaware... dermis = skin and the double not in the parenthesizes above.  

The voltages those particular tazzing devices use are of serious concern if you run the math. also as ive mentioned a suicide device with an american 240 outlet might still require stabbing forks into your arms... its worth mentioning police tazers used skin penetrating barbs. 

e=i*r , i= e/r and a lot of people not thinking it through only manage to absorb amps kill. the thing is human skin dry and unbroken is said to on average be about 100k ohms of resistance. i=e/r is amps=volts/ohms and 0.1 to 0.2 is research indicated to be the most lethal zone if the path is across the heart. importance of path can be found in safety advice like the one arm rule. (keep the other behind the back and you minimize chances it goes across the heart)

I realize suicide with 240 split phase might not need a fork in either arm to call it done (bad puns) you might achieve the same with one line on the parts below ones belt and the other in ones mouth. i digress.


If any of that is true and there's not much reason to doubt it I would surmise that across the skin something like an EKG patch would easily produce a reading or voltage Spike when connected to even the most basic analog to digital conversion circuitry.

Maybe you need a patch on each leg one on the back one on the chest but ideally for what I have in mind 1 patch would be excellent.


Electrode Patch For human skin

Micro Controller

Ive covered most of how to make an electric spark on command from even 1 or 2 cell small battery pack in the link on the right nav bar. link labeled how to counter police power. 

Ethics and Efficacy 

The application is far from excellent. The application is something that I hope never comes to be.

The taser offers what's referred to as less-than-lethal and a means of compliance. 

If you want people to round other people up and ultimately exterminate them (which may or may not be in the immediate future. im not to concerned because im likely to be dead in the more immediate future.) 

if it comes time for camp 2.0 or any genocidal /mass and horrific act of killing by an entity in power. 

it's a lot easier to do it if you divide up the task and no one directly has to do the execution knowingly and or entirely . 

This has been known for a long time. It's why military firing squad a lot of people shoot but not everyone has a real bullet. its the psych aspect. Id reason if/when this again dirties humanities history books with sick acts... it might be likely its even further abstracted/ people tasked with rounding people up may not know exactly what fate awaits those they round up. 

A tazzer is a further means of abstraction that if used is very unlikely to be overcome. it also is more of a risk than many are taught and or realize. it uses psych to make it more likely officers reach for it. "less than lethal". 

Even short of the next Earnest Goes to Camp Noir version theres an issues i see. tech today offers next to inescapble force. the ability to command one person to large groups and that tech doesnt care about what the command is or why. any time you make that way off balance... i think it encourages a culture of authoritarianism and probably leads to more cases of force used when the alternative option of let the person get away with out risk to life may have been the ethical choice. . 

What I'm suggesting as a counter to this is a device that monitors the body and if it detects the signature of a tazer it detonates. it might be possible to do this in a way where the wearer might survive. I find that hard to reasonably assure. Idealy a metal plate is between user and explosive charge but thats more for the purpase of directing the majority of the energy in the direction of the officer who fired. any effective compound (quick and forceful) stands good odds of either heat pressure wave or shrapnel wise taking out the user. 

This device could in theory run off something like an esp32. Which would enable some interesting options for crowd of protesters because so you have the lineup like seen in Minneapolis of  peoplewilling to strap something like that on themselves

All the sudden the active of discharging  a taser has the ability of not only setting off one but that micro controller includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for about $2. pull the trigger and a coordinated force of willing protesters just turned into a wall of explosive propelled metal fragments in the direction of the opposing police line.  

Firing the first less than lethal shocked at the line of protesters might take out the entire line of police as well.

I would think even with out that feature, the fear that on firing the tazer the officers life ends would cause hesitation. 

ideal they would also be concerned for the person wearing it. When "i cant breath" doesnt seem to register much to a calm officer with a calm suspect in an unnecessary hold?

go back a few years and something I totally understand happened.

I was working the night of the st cloud mall stabbing and watched the video of the off duty officer after the fact.  the 4th shot was pretty arguably unnecessary but understandable ... the stabber had already lunged at the officer with a knife after stabbing 9 people (iirc) and kept coming after the first shot possibly second (its been a while/not something i watch often...or want to go back and count shots.

it might have been 3rd was execution but the point im trying to make is that was beyond heated. The officers fight or flight/ Adrenalin response was almost certainly maxed. That doesnt lend to perfectly reasoned and controlled actions, its there as your bodies last chance to get you away or overcome a threat to continued existence.

George Floyd however ... why was he on the ground to begin with? I just watched a video of that again and im wondering, why not throw him in the squad if you are concerned he may attempt to run? Im not an expert here, i am somewhat good at reading body language and or facial expressions. accounting for there might be things I dont know... it still seems, at that point hes probably getting arrested and thats been decided. if concern for the life of a person as a person is involved, outside of any other or even use of force argument... how in line with continued life is an extended period of face down in the street? even with out the person restraining you. when there is an alternative like the back of a squad...

this is all tangent but the point is esp with out psych evals and more so with all tech as compliance tools. the power balance is off. 

the device i suggest above might be a small part of righting that. since the state gov doesnt seem concerned with even attempting to filter personality disorders with psych evals i think the above would be particularly effective for anyone willing to use it. npd and aspd might not care if you can breath but usually have an intact sense of self preservation. 


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