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Friday, January 8, 2021

Third arm gun show

 I don't remember exactly when but at some point I picked up on the differentiation betweena weapon,gun and a rifle.

Aka the March song about fighting and fun... penis joke. Guns are on ships. Guns should be controlled esp that rail gun. Something the size of a Folgers can flying at Mach 7 ends up hitting with the impact force of a diesel  schoolbus.

Minus  Paul  as driver

You know what Mary Poppins said about sacks of fertilizer and diesel fuel wait that might have been Timothy McVeigh.

Point was it's a non explosive round. And a spoon full of amonium nitrate helps the polio vaccine go down.FUCK I still have it wrong

This is my rifle this is my gun
Bellow is Mercury spun just for fun

Not to be confused with the actor named Mercury in the criticly acclaimed hit meatspin. I'm talking capacitors.

No word yet on if the army intends to offer female soilders a 3rd arm.

Some say that's a cost for insurance companies to pick up

I say a-women to that appache bro

Oh shit Congress is communicable call the CDC. 

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