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Word Play

Yarr.. I assulted no police. I only saw privateers. After all they support parties that once touched a kids privates and seize assets from those not even charged with crimes (this might have just changed but I'm referring to civil asset foriture)

Murder? I was protecting his right to own firearms. 

How was I supposed to guess the rest of him was flammable? Have you ever tried to make sense of the results of the Google query: 

Specific flamibility of privateer by limb?


Have you ever taken a country founded on the idea all citizens are equal and convinced them that equality is some being able to kill others while the one being killed is imprisonable for angrey words over incipent murder?

Salvation at last..freedom of cell or death.

I didn't know police were going to show up. It gets confusing when you hang up after ordering a  pork rack at famous Dave's.  then  10min later lookout the peephole to see....

Thought they might just be a bit on the rare side.

Anyone got that leaked copy of Tupac's manual for evaluating cuts of pork? How about cooking-with-donners.pdf?

Dave's took an order I was confused. Why are you insisting I take a knee? I'm white! It matters...if only because it will go down in silence and spin.

Lest ye forget there are multiple ways to correct a disparity. That word applied to police brutality is more brutal than some of the word Play. My face book friend count and iFunny subscriber count had a service disparity , posting things like this I lost 15 Facebook friends and gained 50 subscribers.

Disparity solved. If Facebook friend count was men that happen to be black assulted by police and ifunny was men who happen to be white  assulted by police. Is that a great way to fix the disparity?

Hell yeah stick it to the cis white scum
What do u mean my brain is more sudzy than a bubble bath and I'm sexist! College taught me that because of the automatic systmatic hydromatic 

It's grease lightning!

What do u mean look at wealth distribution? If edu told me it's white men I'll make his-story and yours deadly cause systematic and you're the problem cause they said so.

*Wind wistles between two ears*

I don't care that wasn't what you call it. The car spontaneously disintegrated.

Or the Elon Musk version ... Something  like rapid unscheduled disassembly (iirc) 

That wasn't a dead hooker in the trunk it was cheaper than a hog farm..err a test dummy to study effects of long space voyages on the human body. Don't worry she's as illiquid as I am. Unless anerobic microbes survived the radiation. Really not sure what keyed that 982mhz walkie we gave her.

Dark humor is like food and word Play with latin.

Only serious thing on this post: i wish I could work for him. I have about the same work ethics and drive. When police help steal everything it's pointless. 

While building a shop on 3rd floor of apt /flat sans elevator, teaching myself pcb CAD, building tools for cupric etch and uv litography , doing board level repairs, I.T. support and designing my own products and those for contract ... I worked to the point I broke a pair of glasses when my head hit the bench. I had built the bench. 

Another day I fell asleep face down on the floor petting my rabbits . Woke up 6hrs later with Bonnie sleeping on my back, back to work.

Last joke:

 A Shire Corp financed summer camp for youths with ADD? Stick to media center that Lenovo generishly furnshed. As dirty as you might get, mind the showers  


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